Complete Mobile App Solution for Magento

AppJetty’s MageMob Series is a mobile app bundle for Magento that helps Magento store owners and admins create their own mobile app for their Magento store as well as for backend admin management.

MageMob Series currently consists of three Magento mobile app extensions – MageMob App Builder, MageMob Admin and MageMob Inventory. The three extensions combined make for a complete mobile solution for Magento. All three products consist of a Magento Extension as well as a Mobile App (iOS and Android).

Go Mobile With MageMob Series

Three Magento mobile app extensions that serve three different functions, but when combined together make for a must-have mobile app package for Magento.

magento shopping cart mobile app

MageMob App Builder

MageMob App Builder is a Magento mobile app extension that helps you easily and quickly build a custom mobile app for Magento Store. Apps built with MageMob App Builder are optimized for both Android and iOS and all mobile devices and tablets.

magento store admin mobile app

MageMob Admin

With MageMob Admin you can manage your Magento store backend and perform all the admin related functions like get new order notifications, check order details, track order fulfillment, etc. from your Android and iOS mobile device.

magento inventory management mobile app

MageMob Inventory

MageMob Inventory is an inventory management mobile app extension that helps you manage stocks, warehouses and suppliers, manage reviews from your mobile device. No more stock-outs or unwanted order cancellations!