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Get Native Mobile Apps For Your Magento 2 Store

MageMob App Builder for Magento 2 is a mobile app extension that helps you to build a custom mobile app for your Magento 2 Store easily and quickly. Apps built with MageMob App Builder are optimized for both Android and iOS platforms and are mobile responsive.

Why Use Magento 2 Mobile App Builder?

Anytime Access

Customers can access your Magento 2 store from anywhere! Magento 2 Mobile App Builder lets you leverage the power of m-commerce.

Native Apps

Since the Apps created with our extension are native, you get to provide the best user experience on both Android and iOS devices.

Cost Effective

The app helps you drastically decrease the investment needed for developing and publishing a Mobile App for Magento 2 Store.

Larger Outreach

MageMob App Builder can increase your customer base since your store can potentially be present on every smartphone.

Increased Sales

The user-friendliness and mobility increase the overall sales from your Magento 2 store and make your e-commerce business a success.

Satisfied Customers

You can have more contented customers by offering them the flexibility of accessing your store from their iPhones & Android devices.

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder - Features Highlights


    User Authentication


    User Account Management


    Product Showcase Dashboard


    Mobile Menu


    Product Navigation


    Checkout Process

  •  Registration Process
  •  Login Process
  •  Password Retrieval

With the easy to use registration process of our extension, let your users register for your store effortlessly.

magento shopping cart mobile application

Our app lets your users log in to the system with Registered Email Address or even with social accounts like Facebook & Google Plus.

magento store mobile app

If the user has forgotten the password then it can be retrieved in a hassle-free way with just a single click.

magento mobile cart

  •  User Profile Management
  •  Order Management
  •  Review Management
  •  User Wish-list Management
  •  Address Management

User can access the profile from the Menu Drawer. Via the profile user will be able to manage the profile details along with the newsletter subscription and password.

magento mobile cart app

Customers get a list of all orders placed on the store along with order details and fulfillment status. Customers will also be able to track the fulfillment status of their placed orders and opt for cancellation if they wish so.

magento cart mobile application

User can add a review for the product that they have purchased. They will also be able to write a review from the app itself.

magento mobile shopping cart

Allow your users to manage the Wish-list from our mobile app for Magento 2 store. User can directly add the products to the cart from the Wish-list. It also contains products that are modified via the Product Design Tool as well.

magento shopping cart mobile app

User will be able to add various addresses to the address list and manage them whenever required. User will be able to add a new address to the list or even update the existing address. These addresses will be shown in order checkout.

magento mobile store app

  •  Banner Slider
  •  Featured Category Blocks
  •  Product Blocks
  •  Exhibit Recently Viewed Products
  •  Unveil Offers for clients
  •  Navigation via Menu Drawer

Admin will be able to showcase the products on the dashboard via various blocks. One of which is the Banner Slider. Admin can put up various interactive banners on the dashboard to demonstrate various store products.

magento online store mobile app

Admin can illustrate up-to five product categories on the dashboard. Admin can put most trending product categories and attract the customers.

mobile app for magento cart

Admin can put up various products in Best Seller & New Arrivals block to highlight them to the customers.

mobile app for magento shopping cart

Users will be able to keep a track of products that they have recently viewed on the mobile app for Magento 2 and directly navigate to them from Recently Viewed Products section.

mobile app for magento store

Admin will be able to add various offers from the backend and showcase them on the dashboard. Admin can set products for the offers and on the dashboard, they’ll be shown.

magento mobile app extension

The menu drawer will consist of Product Categories and their subcategories that are provided by the store. The drawer also contains user profile and for the Logged in users, it provides modules like Wish List Management, Order Management & Address Management.

magento mobile app

  •  Seamless navigation
  •  Manage My Designs
  •  View Notifications
  •  Manage App Preferences

The user will be able to navigate to various CMS pages as well as User Settings, Notification Panel & My Design section from the Mobile Menu.

magento mobile application

The My Designs section will only be available for the logged in users. This section will contain products that are previously designed with Brush Your Ideas tool.

magento mobile android application

User will be able to view all the notifications which are shown by Magento 2 Mobile App. User can view those notifications and delete them after viewing.

magento mobile ios application

User will be able to manage various settings for the Magento 2 store mobile application from the settings page. User can switch between multiple stores, enable/disable app notifications & even share the application link to other users.

magento store mobile app

  •  Product Page Organization
  •  Products Demonstration
  •  Product Listing
  •  Product Sorting and Filters
  •  Product Detailing

User will be able to set the product page according to own requirements. User can switch between Grid & List view along with the option to filter & sort products based on various criteria.

magento shopping cart mobile application

All the store products will be shown on the app according to selected categories. The product category page will show the category name along with the number of products that are there for the specific category.

magento cart mobile application

The demonstrated product will contain the product’s basic information like Product Name & Price, Product Ratings, Option to add a product to wish-list & cart.

magento shopping cart mobile app

Products will be sorted on the basis of various criteria of Price & Name. The filters provided with Magento 2 Mobile App works on various attributes of the products. These attributes can be Type, Color, Fit, Gender, etc.

magento cart mobile app

The product detail page will contain detailed description of the product along with multiple product images, list of related products, product reviews, options for choosing configurable product attributes and options for adding product to wishlist and cart.

magento mobile cart app

  •  Cart Management
  •  Simple Checkout Process

User can effortlessly manage the shopping cart from the mobile app. User can update product quantities, delete the product, and proceed for the checkout from the cart. User will also be able to move the product to wishlist from the cart.

magento store mobile application

User can check out from the cart in few steps. Just select the pre-added address or add a new one to the list, Apply the coupon code, choose the shipping methods and payment methods and you are good to go.

magento store mobile app

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway and checkout process can make or break your business and this is especially true for mobile commerce. Hence, it is good to have multiple payment gateways in your Mobile App for Magento 2 Store. Which is exactly what we offer in our app, through which you can opt for multiple secure payment gateways and offer your customers an enhanced and hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Pay Pal
    Pay Pal
  • Bank Transfer
    Bank Transfer
  • COD
  • Cheque or Money Orde
    Cheque or Money Order

Customizable Cart

With Magento 2 Ecommerce Mobile App Builder you also get to customize the highlighted categories layout in your app. You can have 2 to 5 category blocks in your layout depending on your product catalog and different product departments. For example, if you have 4 product departments, you can have 4 category blocks and direct the users to each of the departments in a visually appealing way.

mobile app for magento store

Value Added Features

    CMS Pages

    You can add CMS pages from your store in the app thus allowing your customers access to important information like policies, terms, warranty, etc.

    Downloadable & Configurable Products

    You can make both downloadable and configurable products available to your customers through the app.

    Product Reviews

    You can allow customers to add product reviews and view them just like your desktop version of the store.

    Direct Buy Now from Product Listing Page

    Customer can add products to shopping cart directly from the category/product listing page.

    Product Search

    Customers can use the global search functionality to search for products by SKU and name and suggestions based on past search history.

    Notifications for Customer & admin for new orders

    Both customers and store admins will get notifications for all new orders placed on the store.

Live Synchronization

One of the biggest benefits of using this extension is that you can build your mobile app with live synchronization feature. Which means you do not have to bother about maintaining your Magento 2 store and mobile app separately. All the changes you make you your Magento 2 store are immediately updated on your mobile app as well in real time. No more wastage of time and effort on maintaining two different catalogs.

mobile app for magento shopping cart

How to install


Download Extension

Download supporting Magento mobile app extension from our store and configure it into your Magento store.


Configure Extension

Choose from predefined configuration in Extension like theme, banner and categories.


List Customization

Create a list of other customization required in extension i.e., store language, theme, payment gateway, given your business need to be added to your application.


Release on Apple Store/Play Store

Once all the listed customizations are done for your store application, you are set to release it for Apple Store and Play Store.

See Your Magento Mobile Application in Action

When you build your Magento store mobile app through our extension, this is how it will look.

Points to Note

  • MageMob App Builder mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.
  • It is useful for creating a mobile app version of your Magento 2 Store.
  • Module is developed with Magento 2's default theme only.

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