CommerceXpand: A Bundle of 28+ Shopify Apps

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CommerceXpand: A
Bundle Of 28+ Shopify

Are you still relying on multiple apps to manage your multiple business aspects and facing a slowdown in the execution of processes? Say GOODBYE to all such issues and take your management to the next level with CommerceXpand. It is an all-in-one Shopify app to help you streamline your business functions, expand your capabilities, and enhance customer experience.

CommerceXpand gives you the best all-in-one-app replacement for all your standalone apps. You can increase your store’s conversion rate, reduce abandonment rate, boost revenue, build customers’ trust, and capture more leads.

Here’s a detail of all the apps:

Sales Booster

Bulk Editor

Edit different elements like inventory, price, product type, tag, title, product weight, and more, in bulk. Perform actions like product filtration, preview, bulk-delete, revert or undo the edits, and keep a track of all the bulk-edit tasks.

Product Bundles

Boost upselling with product bundles. Configure multiple bundles, edit the number of products, and delete the bundles as per your requirement.

Pre Order

Let customers pre-order the unavailable products with our pre-order app at any given time. Configure the pre-order button and decide whether you want to display it for the entire store or specific products. Also, you can set the time limit for the button visibility.

Sticky Add to Cart

Display a Sticky Add to Cart button on your Shopify store and reduce cart abandonment rate. Enable/disable and customize icons, colors, size, buttons, action, and more to appeal to customers better.

Quick Buy

Speed up the checkout process by showing a Quick Buy button on particular products, collections, or on your store and customize its appearance to engage customers.

Back In-Store Alert

Send back-in-store alerts to your customers, customize email template settings, and the appearance of the “Notify When Back In Stock” subscription button. Also, decide the maximum alerts you can send to customers.

Abandoned Cart Management

Send reminder emails to customers and view abandoned carts, emails sent, carts recovered, recovery rate, recovered cart value to recover abandoned carts. Also, configure and schedule custom emails.

Countdown Timer

Create FOMO, display limited-time offers and discounts on products and collections, and customize the text and appearance features of the countdown timer to boost instant purchases.

Inactive Tab Message

Don’t let your prospects go away from your store and miss out on them with Inactive Tab Message. Configure and personalize the message you want to display to bring back the customer.

Favicon Cart Count

Stay in the sight of customers for long and reduce the chances of cart abandonment rate with Inactive Favicon Count. Display the number of products the customer has left in the cart through your favicon in the inactive tab.

Recently Viewed Products

Display recently viewed products on product page and cart page for store visitors.

Volume Discounts

Our Volume Discount app helps you manage tiered pricing and bulk discounts on product quantities and variants. It allows you to give quantity breaks to users and run wholesale tiered pricing campaigns.

Store Management

Scroll to Top

Our Shopify Back to Top button helps your customers scroll straight to the top from any location on a page you specify. You can also configure its look and position to enhance customers’ navigation experience.

Order Export

Keep a log of all the orders weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc., with our Shopify Export Orders app. Export the orders in CSV or PDF format for analytics purposes via email or FTP.

Auto-External Links

Stay on top of customers’ engagement and minimize the chances of them drifting away and forgetting to return to your store with our Shopify External Links app.

Block Redirection

The Block Redirection helps you enhance your store security. It lets you block the redirection of customers from suspicious or malicious IP addresses, states, and countries.

Content Protection

The Content Protection app lets you enhance security and prevent plagiarism by disabling right-click, shortcut keys, and drag-and-drop of images.

Cookie Bar

Configure the cookie bar types and messages. Decide whether to show it for all the countries globally or only the EU countries with our Shopify GDPR Cookie Consent Bar.

Marketing Apps

Image Optimizer

Optimize images and various attributes like alt tags and file names to fit the store, increase loading speed, and enhance SEO with our Shopify Image Optimizer.

SEO Alt Tags

Improve your store visibility by configuring the ALT tags of the images you upload with SEO Alt Tags. Use the right alt tags for images to speed up your store, boost SEO, and drive high traffic with our Shopify Image Alt Text app.

Currency Converter

Give your customers the ability to shop and checkout in their local currency. Expand your business reach and improve customer experience with the auto currency switcher Shopify app.

Hide from Search

Hide selected products that you do not want to show in search results. It can be an out-of-stock collection, specific products that you don’t want users to find or can’t be individually purchased.

Announcement Bar

Make store-wide announcements about information like sales, limited-time offers, or product promotional discounts for your audience and attract more purchases.

Product Reviews

Our Product Reviews App for Shopify lets customers give reviews on products. The admin can select to auto-publish the review or publish and unpublish it. They can also edit reviews.

Geo Redirection

The Shopify Geolocation Redirect app helps you redirect visitors to a specific store view based on their region or country.

Best Seller Protection

Stay ahead of your competitors by disabling the search for your best-selling products from drop-down menus on different collection pages of your store with this Shopify Best Seller Protection.

Facebook Messenger Chat

You can use Facebook Messenger Live Chat for Shopify to connect with customers over the native Facebook Messenger on the store page to provide them with support.

Hide Dynamic Checkout

Create a smooth checkout experience by hiding dynamic checkout buttons from the product page. Allow customers to skip the cart and quickly buy the product they are viewing with the same payment methods.

Festival Effects

Inject festival spirit in your store with our Festival Effects app. Select stickers, configure settings and schedule animation effects to create an unforgettable experience for customers.

Upcoming Apps Section

More on the way

We always strive to take our clients’ experience up a notch by providing the best-in-class and feature-rich apps to them. For our next step towards providing excellence, we are working on some more apps in the pipeline.

  • Import Product Reviews
    Import reviews across all the marketplaces you sell products on into your Shopify store to win your customers’ trust.

  • Birthday Collector

    Birthday Collector
    Collect customer birthdays at the thank you page to reward them with birthday incentives and discounts.

  • Facebook Pixels

    Facebook Pixels
    Track users activity on store by adding the Facebook pixel code to build targeted audience.

  • Buy One Get One

    Buy One Get One
    Offer exciting discounts on individual products and bundles by initiating BOGO on your Shopify store.

  • Post Purchase Survey
    Add Post Purchase Survey to your Shopify store checkout and get customer insights to make sound decisions.


General FAQs

Is it mandatory to use all the apps?

Based on business needs, all apps as part of CommerceXpand can be enabled/disabled as required.

What if all the credit images of the plan are used?

You can get more images as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

What if all the credit edits of the plan are used?

You can get more edits as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

What if all the credit emails of the plan are used?

You can get more emails as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

Which themes are supported?

App would work smoothly with all shopify themes, in case of have any customized theme, you can contact us . We would be able to customize our app with your theme.

Are all products and actions done from shopify backend reflected in apps directly?

Yes, products created or updates made get directly synced to our applications in real time, still if it doesn't reflects you can try by refreshing the page.

Technical FAQs

Can multiple product bundles be created?

Yes, multiple product bundles can be created.

What is priority in case of product bundle creation?

In case same product is there is multiple bundles, then which bundle to show is decided based on priority. Bundle with higher priority will be shown on that product page.

Lift your Store/ Grow your Business

Increase conversions, enhance customer experience, and optimize store operations with our all-in-one Shopify app.

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