Fantastic Ways to Spice Up Your E-store with an Odoo Theme!

Fantastic Ways to Spice Up Your E-store with an Odoo Theme!

Maulik Shah

August 29th, 2017

As an ecommerce store owner, when was the last time you did online shopping yourself as a customer? And what was your last pleasant experience of shopping from another store? What appealed to you about that particular ecommerce store? Was it the way products were presented that you liked? Or was it the seamless and user-friendly navigation that made you visit the store again?

Once you get an answer to these questions, ask yourself yet another question. “Do I offer a similar experience to my customers?” If the answer is no, you should really do something about it. If you have an Odoo store, you can consider installing one of the best Odoo ecommerce themes that can help your store look attractive and provide you with different functionalities. How can you revamp your ecommerce store using a theme as such? Here are six ways you can do it.

1. Attract through beautiful themes

Theme of your website stands of major importance. Nobody likes to buy from a plain, empty looking store. Similarly, a gaudy looking estore with too many products can also be a turn off. An online florist’s shop shouldn’t end up looking like a garden! Make sure that you don’t get too busy managing the backend of your store and forget to strike a balance with a decent looking theme that prompts your customers to buy. You can find a theme that can be customized according to your requirements and provides you with different colour and theme font combinations. An ideal Odoo theme is the one that is less confusing, pleasant for the eyes and displays product prices clearly.

2. Make product search easy

When customers comes looking for a particular product provided by your company, they are certainly not looking forward to surf your entire store. In fact, they might not have enough time on hands and might end up logging out of your website if they have to go through all the surfing. This is why you need to provide with a Search option so that they can find exactly what they want. A smart search bar displaying different categories is a must if you sell a lot of products through your website.

3. Customize the ‘About Us’ Section

Every business is different and each company likes to display a certain kind of image through the “About Us” section. Customizable About Us snippets provided by Odoo theme enable the admin to write content about the company as well as team members. Also, there is an array of options including the facility to add a specific company member’s skills and their role description along with the images. If you do not have an informative ‘About Us’ section, it can be misleading for your customers. So make the most out the customizable snippets and add all that you think is needed to describe your company and services well.

4. Emphasize offers and boost sales

If you own an ecommerce store, you are sure to come up with special offers and services from time to time. So how do you let your customers know about these offers. “By writing about it on the website.” You might say. Unfortunately, just mentioning such things on your website is not enough to drive sales. It is important to highlight and emphasize about the product/service you aim to promote. Adding a snippet helps you to set an image along with text blocks that can lead you add the content about your special services and emphasize them so that they never miss your customers’ eyes.

5. Offer language and currency support

The presence of any ecommerce store is global. And in order to send your message across to people in different languages, you need to provide precise translation of your store content and product descriptions. Also, the facility of currency conversion should be made available so that people can buy the product/service of their choice using the local currency. Odoo Crafito Theme has been created in such a way that you can seamlessly translate your store content and display it to your customers. Multiple currency options can also be provided so that your customers can shop with you easily.

6. Easy cart checkout

A confusing and prolonged checking out process is the last thing that customers want. Once they have decided what they want to buy, they want to check out at the earliest. Hence, each of your products must have an “Add to Cart” option navigating the customers to the final step of placing an order. You can also provide this option in the product slider and provide with a quick review of products that have been selected by your customer. These smart options can drastically bring down the number of cart abandonments and improve your sales.

An Odoo based responsive ecommerce theme can provide you with all the above mentioned options and help take your business to the next level. This in no way means that you have to adopt all the new trends that are popular in the market. As far as you can integrate an Odoo theme that offers easy navigation and a pleasant shopping experience to your customers, it is absolutely fine. Think about the future of your business, profitability and choose your theme wisely.

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