Introducing Theme Scita: The Most Versatile Odoo Theme

Introducing Theme Scita: The Most Versatile Odoo Theme

Kanchi Vasavada

June 27th, 2019

We have added one more excellent theme to our ever-expanding list: Theme Scita! Our main aim with this theme was versatility. While making an Odoo website theme, it was essential that we looked at the sheer number of businesses that use Odoo for their stores.

According to Odoo, it has 4 million users!

As Odoo Ready Partners, it only made sense to showcase our skillset with our newly launched Theme Scita. So we made a theme that any and all of these 4 million users could take advantage of. Theme Scita is accurately designed keeping in mind over 25 industries, with niche custom modules for each individual industry. Till date, we have live demos of 8 industries:

Let’s explore each one in detail:


Theme Scita: Fashion focuses on rich displays areas to display your primary category images or when you want to highlight a sale or a particular brand. Furthermore, it has modules for Filters, Sorting, Wishlist, etc. the usual things you would expect from a Fashion Theme. However, it goes a step further and gives you a Testimonials snippet, as well as a Similar Items feature. This can elevate your customers’ shopping experience.


The IT Service theme promotes digital experiences that the IT service industry deals with. It has an essential ‘Use Case’ snippet so you can better explain the use case of your service. And a ‘Statistics’ snippet so you can show off your company’s activities in an attractive, clear way. Along with this, it also has a feature that lets you compare products. You can trust Theme Scita to be responsive to any device as well as optimized for speed.


The ecommerce industry is booming. There are countless online stores, from small ones that sell specific things, to large ecommerce giants. You can choose to stand out in that mass with Odoo Theme Scita’s Ecommerce Edition. It gives you product comparison as well as an organized layout feature. Just like the Fashion edition, the Ecommerce edition also has large display areas for the home page to display dynamic announcements or product sales.


The healthcare industry is something we think is very necessary to consider in terms of a theme design. We designed Theme Scita’s Healthcare edition focusing on the visible call to action buttons for making appointments, and giving brief summaries about doctors. We also made sure to put a few quick access buttons on the main page to guide patients in case of emergencies or show information about insurance. The central idea behind this theme template was to provide a well laid out website for someone who needed medical services.


Theme Scita’s Travel edition keeps in mind everything related to the traveling industry. It has a ‘Top Destinations’ slider to keep a tab on what places are trending while customers are planning a holiday. It highlights holiday destinations in large image sliders on the home page. The theme makes it easy to plan a holiday which usually becomes a harrowing task. Your travel website should be one that makes people want to travel and this theme aids just that!


The finance industry theme focuses on the sensitivity of the topic. It was necessary to highlight the company’s strengths so it helps the end customer in decision-making. A ‘Statistics’ snippet was also essential here as it works to establish credibility with the user. It is a professional-looking theme in line with the industry standard.


The retail industry usually has customers who come in on a daily basis. So they need to get all the details like price, expiration date, etc. with just a glance. Theme Scita’s Retail edition is in a way that it presents information in an attractive and informative way. It makes grocery shopping simple and hassle-free.


When it comes to the consulting industry, it is very important to highlight your achievements and abilities. This theme lets you do exactly that. It is important to show your accolades and statistics in a way that it is clearly visible. Your consulting firm website would also need to highlight the services you offer and make a case for why a client should choose you. With Theme Scita, you can be sure to have a site with all the necessary elements.

Theme Scita is a multi-purpose responsive Odoo theme that has over 125 snippets. Some of the common features are, custom theme color, contact us module, etc. If you are someone who needs a theme for one of these industries, then you don’t have to look any further.

We offer premium themes and extensions, along with customization services. We also make sure to update our themes with every update from Odoo, to ensure maximum compatibility and safety. You can contact us here for any queries regarding Theme Scita or other Odoo themes.

Note: Watch this space for more of our industry-specific live demos.

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