Top 3 Ecommerce Shipping Companies in Australia

Maulik Shah
Sep 18,2016

Australia is home to the second largest online population in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the biggest ecommerce industries in the world. In 2015, the Australian ecommerce industry was worth $19.02 billion and will be close to $21 billion in 2016. Complementing this huge industry and assisting in its growth are the shipping companies of Australia. Without a reliable shipping partner any ecommerce business is guaranteed to fail.

Australia has many global shipping brands as well as Australia specific shipping providers. Let's take a look at 3 of the best shipping option you have if you are an Australian ecommerce store owner.

Australia Post

The Australian eCommerce industry has brought a massive change over the past few years. Australia Post has adopted hottest trends such as same-day delivery, video marketing, omnichannel buying behavior, mobile commerce, and many others. All these features helped them grow sales adequately. Here are the highlights of Australia Post and primary reasons why it is the leading shipping company in Australia.

1. Constant Modernization:

Being a renowned Australian shipping partner of e-retailers, Australia Post consistently innovates shipping solutions as per their customers’ needs and feasibility. They have bifurcated delivery into priority delivery and standard delivery created effective delivery network nationwide and incorporated various technologies in delivery mechanism. Australia Post, through its API also provide live shipping rates to ecommerce businesses. You can easily incorporate live rates in your store using Australia Post Shipping extension.

2. eCommerce Oriented Business Method:

Australia Post is known for its eCommerce focused business strategies and actively invests strengthening its eCommerce solutions for the international and domestic market.

3. Collaboration With International Shipping Companies:

So as to reinforce its international delivery capabilities, Australia Post collaborates with international shipping solutions to form a wide delivery network.

4. Wide Range Of Shipping Options:

Whether you want to pay by distance and size or pay fixed prices for your packages, whether you want international or domestic delivery options, whether you want Australia Post to do packaging for you or you want to pack parcels for yourself, there are a plethora of options available.

5. Customer Focused Personalized Shipping Solutions:

With approximately 40% customers choosing to have custom shipping solutions on their purchase, Australia Post does the same. It also offers return shipping services like Paid Return Services, eParcel Services, and many others to choose from.


DHL is a major global player in International courier and shipping services and is a major player in Australia too.

1. Easy Shipping Process:

DHL offers easy shipping process to its users. Using DHL eCommerce shipping solutions, you can calculate shipping costs, choose services, ship online, schedule a parcel to pick up and many more.

2. Business Across The Globe:

Since international trading is a tricky process, with DHL, customers can get global custom requirements easily fulfilled with local import & export support and resources. This expands business opportunities for Australian merchants.

3. DHL Express Partnerships:

DHL Express Partnerships help support your eCommerce business discounts, specialty services, and solutions to benefit your company.

4. Facts About Countries:

You can learn about major countries, get to know their trading internationally and understand their requirements of potential customers. You can select a country to learn the most important business facts.

5. Shipping Advice:

With DHL’s shipping advice, you can clearly know before you ship by parcel’s weight, size and commodity advice. You can access help on the basis of need for small to medium size business.


Why FedEx is another major global player prominent in Australia too, behind Australia Post and DHL. Here are some of the reasons why you should go with FedEx.

1. Small Business Shipping Solutions:

FedEx helps merchants have small business shipping solutions & services. With FedEx, you can schedule a pickup, get prices and transit times, find locations, order shipping supplies and handle shipping activities. Pick any online tool, mobile app or integration service to utilize various shipping solutions of FedEx.

2. Web Services:

Be it a small size business or big, you can integrate shipping, tracking, rating and more to your eCommerce store, without taking the help of a programmer. FedEx has Web Integration Wizard which is a free web app that generates ready to use customized HTML codes. The wizard handles the toughest aspects of developing and coding FedEx web services into an eCommerce store.

3. Well Compatible Solutions Program:

Have you set up an eCommerce store and tried a lot to grow it to the next level? Avail with a software solution with FedEx built-in functionality. Merchants can create shipping labels; manage shipments with software to use it every day.

4. Worldwide Shipping Services:

You can have 8 different options to ship across the world. Use International Shipping 101, get basic rates, create labels, find documents and more. If you need assistance on documents, duties, and taxes, FedEx offers that too! You can also use FedEx Electronic Trade Documents to proceed further for the custom documentation.

5. Promotions & Offers:

With FedEx, you can save money by using their FedEx alliances with exclusive small business offers and discounts which help you grow your eCommerce business. You can efficiently manage shipping, tracking, document printing, and many more elements.


If you are in the ecommerce business in Australia and you only shipping domestically, i.e. within Australia, then Australia Post is your best option. If you also provide international shipping then you can go with any of the above shipping partners.

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