Top 5 Odoo Ecommerce Themes For Your Next Project

Maulik Shah
Nov 18,2016

    In spite of being comparatively new in the market, Odoo has been rapidly progressing in terms of likeability, workability, and functionality. Ecommerce businesses are increasingly opting for Odoo to make their work easier and to push their revenues higher. Odoo themes are easy to customize and provide layouts that not only make your ecommerce store look better, but function better as well.

    There is a huge variety of options to choose from, every theme having its own unique features and functionalities. If you are also looking for an Odoo theme for your ecommerce project and unable to decide from the long list of options available, here’s a help for you.

    In this blog, we have listed down 5 of the best Odoo Ecommerce themes available in the market along with a brief overview of what makes them good to help you choose one for your next project.


    Graphene is a professional theme that stands out as a perfect example of Odoo’s ecommerce capabilities. The user gets full control over his work without having to write typical technical web language for setting it up. It has a distinctive design that empowers the user for a very affordable cost. Additionally, it supports HTML5 video, CSS3 animation, and Retina images. The theme offers attractive interactions without messing up with the java script and it’s a feature that makes it one of the most desirable themes for Odoo. It also has smooth blog integration, multi browser optimum performance, fully responsive design, and a wonderful typography. The availability of powerful snippets eliminates the use of complicated tools and makes customization an exceptionally easy task. Graphene can be a good template to start the designing from scratch or to use the already available styles.


    Crafito is a bestselling ecommerce theme with a range of custom snippets. The theme is designed so as to facilitate maximum number of conversions for ecommerce stores. It offers a collection of approximately 55 new snippets that includes: special features, contact us, maintenance mode, testimonials, pricing table, our services, and many more. The theme has been designed to improve the product showcasing and has latest features including variety of product carousels. It has a responsive design and works for any ecommerce store, keeping in view the swiftness and competency of the theme. Crafito provides you endless option to customize every part of your website including menus, footer, header, product images, content, banners, shopping cart, ratings, testimonials and much more. Multiple language and currency support makes this theme more desirable for the ability to transact beyond geographical boundaries. The customization of the theme is easy and you can experiment with the theme’s color and font combinations without many efforts. If you are looking for a cost effective Odoo theme for your next project, Crafito should definitely make it to the top of your preference list.


    Clean is another professional HTML5 theme which provides the user with an option to drag and drop building blocks to build the ecommerce layout. It certainly makes the work easier for the web designer and as the layouts are made of sections, they can be effortlessly employed to get the required design for any project. Along with a responsive design, the theme offers you a number of color presets, wide layout, various font combinations, color schemes, and animation presets. The whole aim of the theme is to create a minimalistic flat design that is easy to customize. Built using Bootstrap 3, the theme is definitely worth all it has on offer, if you are not much into the time consuming and effortful designing thing.


    Kingfisher is a HTML5 responsive Bootstrap theme which can be adapted by any Ecommerce website irrespective of the industry they are a part of. The fully dynamic snippet collection is something that makes the theme standout amidst the competition. The advanced mega menu is equipped with five level dynamic menu with clear navigation and is designed keeping in mind an E-commerce base. It provides you with an option to display product features using CSS3 animation hover effect to add animation impacts on the respective images of the products. A multi image gallery along with product price and tag filter adds on to a great user interface, which is the ultimate goal of any website as it leads to increased sales. The overall esthetics and posh feel is an added bonus of this feature rich theme that promises user satisfaction and great business ahead.


    Louma is an e-commerce Odoo theme available for Odoo8 & Odoo9. The theme is popular for its versatility to suit almost all sort of e-commerce stores. The theme works great on desktop, mobiles, and tablets. The prettiness of the theme is in the new and modern design assured for a smooth user interface. The mega menu is customizable and you can use building blocks to customize your website according to your requirements. Other features include event integration, blog integration, availability of 20+ new pages, and various scheme colors on offer. The showcasing of products also gets better by providing an option of zooming and multiple images for the products. Additionally, you get a wide layout, different color schemes, background patterns, and background images. The Google map module included in the theme is something to look for.

    Though you will find many more options to design your ecommerce store, these are the best handpicked themes you can go for. It all depends on the requirements of your ecommerce and the sort of layout and functions you are looking for. You can find more themes and apps to enhance your ecommerce on the Odoo apps marketplace.

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