Now WhatsApp Your Surveys With SurveyRocket!

Chandni Pandya
Mar 26,2020

    A well-crafted survey has the potential to provide insights into how your customers interact with your industry, product, or service and enable you to improve your offerings further.

    However, for ANY business, the direction of distributing the Survey is very important. Otherwise, it won’t do any good if sent to the wrong audience, or at the wrong time.

    When employing the Survey Distribution Methods, Survey Rocket Team identified that sending surveys via WhatsApp could get you a better response. And that’s not us alone, data speaks itself.

    - WhatsApp had 450 million daily active users in Q2 2018.

    - On average, 1 million people register on WhatsApp daily.

    - WhatsApp has 300 million daily active users worldwide.

    - Most importantly, the average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times per day.

    Now if you calculate the probability of your survey getting noticed by the users, then multiply (300,000,000*23).

    Hence, in the new release of Survey Rocket, we have added a feature of sharing surveys via WhatsApp. That means, now you can directly send the survey link to your users via WhatsApp. making your surveys easily accessible to users.

    While doing so, here are some quick tips for maximum results:

    - Use a business account

    - Perform timely followups

    - Make broadcast lists of users categorized by personas

    On top of that, you can also leverage the feature of sharing surveys via SMS.

    Want to make the best use of your Sugar CRM or SuiteCRM data? Check out how SurveyRocket works with your business by starting a free trial:

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