Odoo Version 12: What Does It Have in Store for You?

Prachi Shah
Nov 19,2018

It’s been over a year since the release of Odoo version 11. The last month (October 2018) witnessed release of the much-awaited Odoo Version 12. The latest version of Odoo not only has some new usability updates and features but also has some new modules. Being Odoo Ready Partners and Odoo development services providers, Biztech Consultancy is aware of the latest updates and would want to share them with you.

Version 12 of Odoo has some major changes in the Account module. The new Odoo accounting module is easy to configure and use and comes with different features and functionalities for accountants including the facility to use OCR and import vendor bills. It also entails the new Document Management and IoT module that helps you manage your IoT devices.

Through Odoo V 12, you can manage multiple websites with respected themes. Which means, it is possible for you to have more than 2 websites having their own theme ordering capabilities integrated with your ERP backend. This feature brings a lot of convenience for ecommerce business owners who wish to simplify the management of more than one website. Now, let’s go through the list of other major changes in the latest version:

Odoo Studio

Odoo 12 Studio

Do you want seamless self-services feature? Odoo Studio will enable you to customize your instances and help users to change reports on their systems with ease. You would also be able to design/edit reports and change the values and UI easily with the help of drag and drop feature.

Customer Kanban View

odoo 12 Customer Kanban View

You can have the needed details for your customers to view number of meetings, meeting details, shopping carts, number of products in the cart etc.

Create Multiple Websites with Different Themes

odoo 12 Create Multiple Websites with Different Themes

odoo 12 Create Multiple Websites with Different Themes

This feature enables you to create multiple website instances with different domains. Also, each website can have different design/themes.

Calendar & Activities

odoo 12 Calendar and Activities

Through this feature, you can view, track, and analyze different activities that are a part of your schedule for the months to come.

Discuss Channel Modification

odoo 12 Discuss channel Modification

The chatterbox enables you to drag and drop the attachments directly. It also provides you with a live notification when someone is typing.

Language Facilities for Middle East/Africa

odoo 12 Language-2

As you all know, the Arabic users tend to write from right to left. The latest Odoo 12 update synchronizes the screen with Arabic; making it easy for Middle Eastern and African Odoo clients without using any plugin or third-party applications.

Configure Product on Sale Order Line

odoo 12 Configure Product on Sale Order Line

You can configure the projects and place orders like you do from the website. You will find the list of products with attributes too.

Send SMS

Odoo 12 Send SMS

Enables you to send SMS about your products and services to your customers on their mobile numbers.

Import Feature Enhancement

ddoo 12 Import Feature

odoo 12 Import Feature Enhancement

Comes with the import template that has field names that you can map with the systems. This means that users will not have to create new templates or design them manually to import the data.

Invoicing Features

odoo 12 Invoicing

odoo 12 Invoicing Features

Odoo 12’s invoicing features enable you to update the quantity of product in the invoice line which will reflect on the Invoice Quantity in sales order.

You can also add new product and control whether or not you add it in Sales order.

Report Template Layout Customization

Odoo 12 Report Template Layout Customization2

You can manage multiple report layouts for different reports and create template layouts for them.

IoT Implementation in POS

odoo 12 IoT Implementation in POS

Last but not the least, you can configure the hardware device with POS and get reports from it. Other IoT implementations are in progress

Wrapping Up…

Given above is the complete journey of Odoo 12 features. Which updates will make a difference to your Odoo systems? Please feel free to share with us. To know more about our Odoo ERP solutions, get in touch with us at the earliest!

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