Features You Can’t Miss Out in Odoo Ecommerce Themes

Features You Can’t Miss Out in Odoo Ecommerce Themes

Sulabh Chauhan

December 12th, 2019

If a site is the body, its theme is the soul. So, it is a must to choose the right theme for your e-commerce site. A theme should be aesthetically attractive. But attractiveness alone is not enough. As your theme should also be user-friendly and easily navigable.

Your theme must have both aesthetic appeal and user-friendly features. If you miss out on anyone, your site will lag behind others’.

Odoo has recently gained huge popularity as a platform for an e-commerce site development. And with so many free Odoo E-commerce themes flooding the market, choosing a suitable theme is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And without a good theme, your site can’t make it big.

Must-Have Features in Odoo Website Theme for an E-Store

Here are the features you can’t forego while selecting an Odoo theme for your site.

  • Fully Configurable Header and Mega Menu

The header of your site is an essential section. And it should contain all the necessary sections to help customers navigate seamlessly. Which means it should contain options like ‘Global Search’, ‘Cart Information’, ‘Sign-In’, and ‘Language Switching’. These options enhance customers’ browsing experience. If you buy a theme, it should come with full support for configuration of the header.

Moreover, mega-menus also play an important role. Whenever a user hovers over a predefined area, a drop-down menu opens up. This menu has different links to different pages. Such mega menus help users with navigation on your site.

So, make sure that your theme gives you full control of the header and mega menu on your site.

  • 100% Responsive Theme

100% Responsive Theme

Of late, mobile commerce (m-commerce) has gained an upper hand in e-commerce. And by 2021, experts are expecting m-commerce sales to share 54% of the total ecommerce sales. In such a scenario, without a proper strategy for mobile responsive sites, you can’t succeed.

So, a fully responsive theme is no more an accessory, rather a necessity for an e-commerce site. Hence, you must ensure that your theme is responsive on all devices – smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Category and Product Slider Snippets

Category and Product Slider Snippets

A category slider snippet contains exclusive products from different product categories. It’s an important snippet as it helps customers to easily access the category they want instead of wading through all products. This reduces their effort and enhances their browsing experience.

A product slider snippet is also a necessary section of an e-commerce theme. As it enhances the overall look of your site by displaying products beautifully. And it also helps users to view the products of a category all in one place.

And the best part is that it is dynamic. You can remove items no longer in fashion or are out of stock from the backend. And can add the latest arrivals and items in trends there.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is especially useful for a large e-commerce store with a lot of categories and pages within pages. It helps users know which page they are on in the hierarchy of pages. And this is easier for them than examining the URL structure for that.

Further, they can reach straight to the page they want within the hierarchy of pages. Which means they don’t need to press the ‘Back’ button every time to reach the page of their choice.

So, choose a theme that supports breadcrumb navigation. As it increases CTRs and facilitates easy crawling by search engines. And thus, helps boost the SEO and UX of your site.

Now that you know that choosing the right Odoo website theme for your e-commerce store is important, let’s know some trending themes you can choose from in 2020.

Top Trending Odoo Ecommerce Themes 2020 

Theme Scita

Theme Scita has been the talk of the town of late. It is a versatile theme with over 125 snippets. It’s cut out for almost every industry, be it e-commerce, healthcare, retail, entertainment, auto parts, furniture or any other you can think of. The features that can vouch for its utility are multi-theme support, one-click installation, mobile-responsiveness, and more. You can also test this theme for free for a week.

Crafito Odoo Theme

With over 50 custom snippets, this theme can fit almost all industries. Be it for e-commerce sites, a single-page site or a large e-commerce store, this HTML theme suits all. And it doesn’t slow down at all no matter how content-heavy your site is. Fully responsive for every smart device, this theme lets you easily manage headers and footers, mega menus, testimonials, banners, etc. A 7-days’ free trial is also available for you to test it.

Kingfisher Pro Fashion Odoo Theme

A standout theme for the fashion industry, this theme has it all that your fashion store requires. This HTML 5 Bootstrap theme combines both speed optimization and mobile responsiveness in one. Further, features like advanced mega menu, drag and drop snippets, multi-store support give your users the best shopping experience. So, if you are all set to open an online fashion store, go for this theme to spruce it up.

Mobicraft Odoo Theme

Specifically, ideal for a gadget store, it comes with features like multi-language and multi-currency support, responsive design, ease of adding or removing products, brand and newsletter subscription snippets and more.

In short, it has got all you need for your e-commerce store. An easy choice for you if you want to open a new online gadget store.

This theme is for your Odoo site’s backend. It is both flexible and fully responsive. With 6 primary fonts and color palettes to choose from, this gives you a large number of customization options.

Available with material theme, it helps you make your backend elegant, modern, and easily navigable. An attractive hierarchical left menu, an option for adding your favicon, an expandable sub-menu, etc. contribute further towards making it perfect for your Odoo backend.

So, go for it to make your backend aesthetically better and navigable.

Wrap Up:

So, you see how themes play an important role for your websites. Therefore, putting your best foot forward is a must while choosing an Odoo website theme. As you can see that some of the themes discussed above are perfect for multiple industries, you can pick them without brooding over them.

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