Odoo Apps and Themes – To Keep Your Odoo Store Productive

Odoo Apps and Themes – To Keep Your Odoo Store Productive

Sulabh Chauhan

March 11th, 2020

Odoo is a highly popular business management software today as it is cost-effective and easy to implement. While several Odoo apps simplify your different business functions, several Odoo themes help make your site more engaging. 

In this blog, we are going to introduce to you several apps and themes that our team has developed to help you stay on top of your business.

Odoo Apps – To Streamline Your Business Functions 

1. AMP for Website

This exclusive AMP-validated Odoo app will help you make your site pages load faster than your competitors’. Compatible with Odoo default, this app has features including:

  • Mobile responsiveness

    This app makes your app mobile responsive and it can open across any device without any distortions in your site structure. This engages mobile users better and enhances your site SEO.

  • High Loading Speed and Enhanced SEO

    Accelerated mobile pages load faster than non-AMP pages reducing your site loading time and eventually reducing the bounce rate.

  • Display all the variants of a product

    By displaying all the variants of a product on product detail pages, you can give freedom to your customers to choose the variant of the product of their choice.

  • Display Filters

    This feature helps increase your products’ findability and enhances your customers’ browsing experience with the filters like Product Categories and Product Attributes (including color, size, etc.)

  • Strikethrough Price

    This feature facilitates quick decision-making for your customers by showing them how much they can save via displaying strikethrough prices. 

and others that will take your business to the next level. 

2. Clever All-In-One Report Template

The Clever All-in-One Report Template facilitates customization of your reports as per your business requirements. With this app, you can easily stay on top of creation of several reports.

The features including:

  • Customization of Reports

With 8 report templates available for all major reports like Invoices, Quotation, Delivery Notes, Sales, Orders, Picking Operations List, etc.; you can give a professional touch to all your e-store reports. 

  • Watermark 

You can easily print anything ranging from a simple expression to your company logo as a watermark on your report to make it look professional.

  • Appendage of Extra Content 

With the freedom to add limitless content pieces like T&Cs, brochures, advertisements as PDF to your report, you can get a one-page document ready to dispatch to your customer or vendor. 

  • Display of Product Images on Reports

By displaying product images alongside product names on your reports like invoices, Quotations, Delivery Notes, you can lessen the efforts of verifying products and increase transparency. 

  • Multiple Footer Options, Font Size and Family, and Signature

With a number of footers available, you can add extra information like company address, VAT name, bank details, etc. With the ‘Signature’ feature, you can also add a signature to represent your company on all your documents and eliminate the need for manually signing every document every time, 

and several others are the reasons why this app is going to be beneficial. 

3. Advanced Mega Menu

This app helps you easily categorize your brands and products in a mega menu. With multiple mega menus like Category Mega Menu, Pages Mega Menu or List of Categories Mega Menu, you can make your e-store easily navigable. You can customize: 

  • Mega Menu image
  • Mega Menu Background with image or colour
  • Mega Menu Footer
  • Category and Subcategory Fonts

You can also add a slider, multiple categories and sub-categories in your Mega Menu.

Odoo Themes – To Enhance Your Website Appearance

1. Theme Scita

This theme is one of the most elegant Odoo themes available. This is the first-ever Odoo theme with AMP support that is sure to make your site mobile-responsive, faster and SEO-friendly. Besides, it has got several powerful features like: 

  • Unlimited snippets with HTML builder

    To customize your snippets the way you want. 

  • Instant Product Publish/Unpublish

    To reduce your efforts by letting you publish/unpublish one or more products straight from the backend.

  • Shop by Category

    To make it easy for your customers to choose the category they want to view products from and enhance their engagement.

  • Over 140 custom snippets

    To let you customize your site appearance by using over 140 snippet variations and make your site appearance more engaging and business-specific.

and more that are bound to help enhance your site appearance and customers’ browsing and navigation experience.

2. Theme Crafito

Theme Crafito is a mobile-responsive Odoo theme that lets you customize any portion of your site as per your preferences. Be it a single page CMS site, an event site, or any other site, this theme fits all types of sites. With features like Advanced Mega Menu, Product Videos and Multi Images, and snippets for everything like:

  • Advanced Mega Menu
  • Product Showcase 
  • ‘Our Services’ section
  • ‘Why Choose Us’ section
  • Pricing details
  • FAQs

and more, this theme is ready-to-use to give your site a cutting-edge professional look.

3. Falcon Material Backend Theme

Designed as per the principles of the material design, this backend theme has layered interfaces with bold and vibrant graphics. With several features including:

  • Theme Customization Options

    To let you choose a theme color of your choice from unlimited colors using the Color Picker.

  • Display(night) Mode

    To let you switch between normal mode and night mode for your backend display seamlessly.

  • Layout Customization

    To let you choose between Classic or Modern theme view.

  • Hover Effect Customization

    To customize your hover effect, hover background color and font color of the content of the sidebar menu items.

and more, this theme gives your backend a tactile surface that easily adjusts its shape and size as per your device to impart a realistic look to your backend.

Ready to Level Up Your Odoo Store?


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