Odoo 13: Expectations and Predictions

Odoo 13: Expectations and Predictions

Kanchi Vasavada

September 17th, 2019

Odoo Experience event is right around the corner in the first week of October, from the 2nd to the 4th, this year. It is happening about an hour outside of Brussels in Belgium.

Every year this event brings with it a new version of Odoo.

Last year we got Odoo 12 with its long list of features. So, Odoo 13 will be here to overhaul all of those and add some brand new ones to the ever-growing list.

As Odoo Ready partners who make apps and themes, we are quite excited. According to the agenda posted by Odoo, the new version looks promising and seems to address a number of improvements. Let’s dive into the potential updates that we are going to get to see in about a couple of weeks:

  • Loading changes:

Odoo 13 will have lazy loading for javascript files. This makes your website look more interactive, as lazy loading occurs on scrolling. Another advantage of lazy loading is that it loads when required, thereby making your web store load faster per fold.

  • Post sales management:

Now you will be able to handle certain post sales activities right from the helpdesk tickets. These activities include refunds, returns, repairs and even coupons. This will require integration with accounting, sales, and warehouse departments. It enables your support staff to manage these activities seamlessly. Post sales activities are an important part of customer experience and this goes to make it better for everyone.

  • Product videos:

The most important aspect of an ecommerce site is the product that it sells. The online purchasing experience is getting better every day, so you need something to stand out and improve upon. With product videos in Odoo 13, you can. Videos give a better understanding of the product, which in turn helps the customer make a more informed purchasing decision. In this case, buyer’s regret is significantly lesser, leading to them coming back to your store.

  • Renamed modules:

Certain modules will have slightly different names than the previous version. For example: ‘Delivery Method’ will now be ‘Shipping Method’ and ‘Leaves’ will now be called ‘Time off’ at both places, individual calendar and the dashboard. Another module that will be different is ‘Manager’, which will be ‘Administrator’ for the security groups.

  • Point of Sale update:

You can enable login in the point-of-sale for specific employees. In Odoo 13, the backend can also detect employees based on certain activities that you can select.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • My profile option (changed from Preferences)
    • Smart buttons for opening Groups, Access Control List and Record Rules
    • New module for managing employee skills called HR Skills
    • New App for Field Service Management
    • Barcode Scanner from Odoo Mobile
    • Out of office message for leaves
    • Apply branding
    • Easier, more detailed sales invoicing including down payment deduction options.

These are some of the essential updates coming to Odoo 13. You can see more expected features on the Odoo forum until the event launches the new version. The developer community is going to be busy working on the update once it is out.

At AppJetty, we are looking forward to the event and the new update. We will be updating all of our Odoo website themes and apps gradually and can even help with migration if you need to. You can refer to our sister site, Biztech CS for Odoo development services.

For further queries regarding Odoo 13, you can contact us here.

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