Newly Updated Key Attractions Of Magento 2

Maulik Shah
Feb 11,2016

    Providing best-in-class web & mobile solutions is never a cakewalk! Elements such as needs or desires, associated with resources, experiences and expertise make it for the challenging creations. Picking an ideal solution partner can help you with the most advanced updates; and all these should be looked after with enhancements. Magento 2 is one such updated platform, that offers next generation solutions for web and mobile both!

    Yes, you read it RIGHT. It has empowered enterprises, brands and retailers across B2B and B2C businesses to rapidly and efficiently with cost-effective Magento 2 Extensions. Migration to Magento 2 will provide state-of-the-art features with engaging online shopping experiences. In this blog we will be unfolding enhanced functionalities that augment the performance of websites.

    • Prominent Platforms: Popular platforms like Zend and PHP, Magento 2.0 manages the performances of database access layer, translations and cache engine. Simultaneously it manages MSSQL and Oracle, which is ideal for windows platform server.
    • jQuery Library: The most famous framework is jQuery. In Magento 2, you will find jQuery library by default. The migration from prototype to jQuery is the significant change when going for Magento 2 extensions development.
    • Intensified Performance: Using Magento 2, you can have enhanced speed and performance to offer you comfort. Speed is increased by 20% with some dramatic changes. So, in a way, Magento 2.0 is much better than Magento’s old version.
    • Component Centric Architecture: Different modules like, CMS, catalog, sales, etc are added as components. If you don't require them, then you can disable it and replace the component with your own. You are not supposed to hack the current base of code.
    • Automatic Testing: Magento 2 allows users/developers to establish automated test easily.
    • Robust Security: The latest Magento version offers better security with strong validation to offer better security.
    • Directories Structure: You will find certain changes in the directory structure. There is new directory named “Pub” introduced with an aim to offer a clear view structure for Magento developers.
    • JQuery Javascript Framework: Magento 2.0 supports Javascript framework, that is Jquery. It less conflicting compared to Magento’s old version 1.x.

    Thus, you get everything new in Magento’s new version, from features to benefits!

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