Mobile Apps: An Unavoidable Platform to Increase Sales

Mobile Apps: An Unavoidable Platform to Increase Sales

Riddhi Faldu

September 20th, 2022

According to Statista, in 2021, m-commerce sales in the US exceeded 360 billion US dollars and are expected to grow by 710 billion US dollars by 2025. It means the numbers are going to double in 4 years.

This fact is something that ecommerce business owners should not neglect. It is a massive business opportunity to increase revenue and grow as a brand.

Many ecommerce businesses have entered the m-commerce market, but many of them are yet to reach the shore. Some are not ready to invest a considerable chunk of their money in developing the apps, and some are just not ready to have a new addition.

All businesses seek growth, and mobile apps are the perfect solution. In this blog, we will cover all the aspects of having a mobile application on a budget.

Why Your Business Needs Its Mobile Application

Well, let’s find out.

Open a New Door of Revenue

Considering the limitations like transport, time, distance, etc., offline stores had, websites seemed like the perfect solution to overcome all the challenges.

But now things have changed. Customers started finding mobile applications more convenient. A company always grows when it listens to its customers or pays attention to changing trends.

Ikea launched their mobile apps even though they sell furniture, which we usually buy offline! To give its users a realistic experience, the app allows users to take pictures of their place with AR. They can install Ikea furniture virtually to see how it looks.

Isn’t it more practical than buying offline? You can see a turquoise sofa lying in your living room! Irrespective of the products you sell, you need a vision of how you can use them to improve your sales game.

Inexpensive to Build

There was a time when giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba only had mobile apps. New things are expensive because of less experience and fewer resources.

Over the years, platforms and tools have been developed to build mobile applications. The goal was to minimize the development time and cost.

One such tool is Magento 2 mobile app builder. It is a tool that anyone with absolutely no knowledge of coding can use to build Android and iOS apps.

You will have an app ready to use in a week. You must follow the steps given and drag and drop the widgets. You will get what you see on screen. Our support team is ready to help if you find it difficult.

The Magento 2 native app builder is an affordable solution for ecommerce store owners to jump to m-commerce.

Mcommerce Industry is Booming

As we discussed earlier, the m-commerce market is scaling rapidly; and when you enter a market that is growing and that too at a great rate, chances of failure decrease.

You might not face an issue where your customers find it challenging to come in contact with your brand. They would appreciate the fact that you offer them a more convenient option.

The ROI is faster and way more than you would ever expect. You just need to enter the market at the right time (now) with the right features and forget about the rest.

Increase Accessibility

We might step out without a wallet, but not without mobile phones. Mobile phones have made their own unique space in people’s hearts.

When you have a mobile app lying on a device that they (customers/potential customers) have in the device that is almost always in their hands, the chances of them surfing your store increase.

How you use your marketing skills to sell your products via mobile apps is on you. Take the help of AI, VR, and ML to offer customers what others can’t.

Improve Overall Customer Experience

Customers are an asset to companies. It becomes the prime responsibility of companies to utilize all the resources to serve the best.

Mobile apps, in addition, offer an even better shopping experience to customers. Add as many helpful features as you can to increase repeat purchase rates.

Save Marketing Cost

You cannot nullify the marketing cost, but it can be reduced to a great extent. Mobile apps work as the best advertising agents. The only limitation is they only work for the customers having the app installed on their phones.

Customers who like your products and services would share the app or the product from the app with their family and friends. Indirectly they are promoting your business.

Using social media handles for promoting or offering discount codes on sharing and mobile apps reduces business costs.

Things that make you stand out

Have some elements in your app that hold customers for a longer time.

Include a Referral Program

Discounts in any form always help in attracting customers’ eyes. Be it a referral program, loyalty points/coins, free delivery on a certain amount, discount code for the next purchase, and many more.

You should have something at the end of the purchase process that would make customers not uninstall the app from their phones. They should be excited about their next purchase and think they will save money.

Push Notifications

You cleared your first step when customers installed the mobile app on their phones. Now, it is time to keep reminding them about your products.

The best way to do it is with push notifications. They can be used to create a state of urgency by pushing customers to make a purchase.

For example, when they see a notification like “Few hours left! Buy it before the sale ends,” they would want to have a quick look at the products and purchase it. Or maybe buy the products lying on their wishlist.

Notifications are for informing about the new launches. Or just casually asking them to have a view at some personalized recommendation based on their search history.

Always add a helpdesk

Fast replies and query resolution always work as a patch to any inconvenience customers face.

Provide as many communication channels as you can. So include the helpdesk in your app. Give them the freedom to choose between calls, chats, emails, or social media.

Offer quick responses and ask for feedback as well. You can also contact customers who entered a bad review on a product and try to know what led to it.

Final Thought

Your next point of discussion should be when is your mobile app getting live. It is not the time to decide whether your business requires a mobile app. The above points justify them way better.

Contact us if you want an affordable solution to build your mobile app. Our team will walk you through all the steps on what you can do to make your app live within a week within budget.

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