Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Mobile App Builder

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Mobile App Builder

Riddhi Faldu

July 25th, 2022

Lack of time, funds, good employees, web presence! Every small business owner would relate to these challenges. It can be overwhelming for the owner to overcome the challenges. But the key to balance all this is to take this one step at a time.

If you are struggling to increase the sales with your website then it is high time to have mobile applications. Mobile applications do wonders in increasing web presence.

A survey has claimed that 57.5% users prefer using mobile applications to purchase goods online than any other channel.

For a small business owner, getting a mobile application developed to cater to both Android and iOS users seems like an expensive decision. But not if you invest in a Magento 2 Mobile Appbuilder.

It is the smartest, shortest, and affordable way to have a mobile application for your business. Let us learn about it.

What is Magento App Builder?

Magento native App Builder is a pre-built framework to develop native mobile applications. Anyone with zero coding skills can use this app to build a mobile application.

You can build an engaging application within a week with App Builder. The applications developed with the App Builder are lightweight and highly compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

The Android and iOS apps developed with our appbuilder have robust features that work with both these operating systems. The appearance, user experience and performance gives native-like feel.

As a small business owner, budget is the main constraint. Developing native apps means investing a lot of time and money. But, if you can have native apps ready to run in just one week, why wait long.

Here are some reasons that proves why an App Builder is better than a custom app development:

Everyone can Use it

Using our App Builder would give you the developer vibes for sure. Yes, you heard it right. Even without any coding knowledge you can easily build the app for Android and iOS both.

You have to simply drag and drop the widgets you like. Every action you take would be instantly visible to you on screen. Without writing a single line of code, you can add and subtract features you like. Once you are satisfied with what you see, save it and move ahead.

Budget Friendly

Getting a custom app developed is expensive. You would require an Android developer, iOS developer, designer, backend developer, and many more to get your app up and running.

On the other hand, the App Builder is budget friendly as you do not need to have an in-house team of developers or outsource the project.

Faster Execution of Idea

Even if you choose a cross platform like Flutter for app development, developers would still need time to develop. But with App Builder, you would have a ready to launch app in a week.

App Builder gives you the liberty to quickly execute the idea and mark your presence in the market as soon as possible.

Low Risk

If you choose the custom development approach then the time and money invested are higher and so is the risk. Because if the app here does not work well, it would cost you more to get it fixed.

However, the risk involved with the app built with MageMob is low, because the amount of time and money invested is also low. Even if the app doesn’t go well with the customers, you can make changes in the flow and designs and relaunch it.

More Reasons to Choose Magento 2 App Builder

Now that you know why App Builder is better than custom development, let’s see a few reasons that justify the above explanation:

Keep Your Customers Notified!

If you want your customers to not forget you, make push notifications your best friend. The major benefit of having a mobile app is that you can stay connected with your customers. Sending push notifications regularly would remind them that your app exists in their phone and there are some interesting offers going on right now.

Push notification definitely helps in convincing customers to open the app. Once they are using the app, you can send them in-app notifications as well. If the customer has added a product in the cart but they are still looking for something else, you can send a notification that reminds them about the product sitting in their cart. You can notify them about the offers ending soon, so they do not miss out any.

The App Builder has this feature to send in-app and push notifications. Admin can customize the text of the notification and send it to all the app users.

Speed Matters

Once you use mobile apps, there is no going back to websites. Mobile apps store data in local storage and so it’s faster to fetch information. Whereas the website fetches data from servers and so it depends on the speed of the internet connection, how fast or how slow the page would load.

One more benefit of having an app is they stay on your customer’s phone. If they see the app, the chances of them opening the app also increases and they would end up spending time on it. A research says that customers view products 4.2 times more in apps compared to websites. Thus, mobile apps do benefit in increasing sales.

Full Control on Layout Customization

Why struggle explaining your design ideas to developers when you yourself can do it. The App Builder gives full control to customize the home page. You add dynamic widgets and use different templates to decorate the home screen.

If the design you finalize does not go well with customers, you can change the layout without any hassle. All you have to do is drag and drop banners, headers, categories, grids, styles, etc. to the screen that works for you. As you get feedback on the layout, keep updating the app to ensure it delivers the best user experience.

Be Available for Your Customers

You can offer multiple support channels like chatbots, calls, social media, etc. to your customers. The customers can try finding answers from FAQs and via AI driven chatbots. If still they do not get satisfactory answers, you can have your customer support agent help them out.

To have multiple support channels means offering them flexibility to choose the option they want. This creates a good impression of you for your customers that you are there to help them out.

With App Builder, you have all these options. Just enable as many support options that you want, to offer the best customer experience.

MageMob App Builder – A Smart Solution to Build Mobile Apps

Our MageMob App Builder is the perfect choice for small businesses. The apps built with it are scalable and would function the same way when your customers increase. Here is what the App Builder has for you.

One Page Checkout

The app built with App Builder has the entire checkout process in one page. The customers have liberty to add and remove products and make changes in the product quantity during checkout. This feature would ensure customers’ abandonment ratio decreases and they find it easy to complete the checkout process.

Custom Product Management

The admin has full control on enlisting and managing the details of products. They can customize product image, price, date, quantity, and all other fields of the categories. Any categories of products can be customized to offer discounts and special offers to target different customer segments.

Secure Payment Gateway

With the App Builder you can offer multiple payment options to your customers. It covers a wide range of customers, as they have flexibility to choose the payment option of their choice. Thus, having multiple payment options means, increase in conversion rates and a better checkout experience for the customers.

Multi-language Support

Our MageMob App Builder supports multiple languages for you to target a wider range of customers. It supports RTL (right-to-left) languages like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and many more.

Voice and Barcode Search

In addition to text search, our MageMob App Builder has two other options to make product search easier: Voice search and barcode scanner. Customers can choose the options they are comfortable with and easily find products.

GDPR Compliance

You can enable the developed app to abide all privacy regulations. You would have full control over the data as well as terms and conditions. The admin can enable the terms and condition checkbox at checkout.

Wrapping Up

Mobile application for your business is a solution to offer improved user experience and the most affordable way for small businesses is to invest in an App Builder. The App Builder will save a lot of time that goes behind development, minimizing the launch time.

If you wish to scale your business with mobile applications, our MageMob App Builder is the perfect solution. Get in touch with us and let us help you build the mobile application to mark your presence in this competitive market.

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