Magento Mobile Inventory System: From Stock Management To Reporting

Maulik Shah
Feb 07,2016

    Today’s world is running on apps, and we see shoppers are always connected with a large number of applications. Apps have transformed the online shopping experiences as well as store level expectations. The remarkable change buyers expect to meet their favorite eCommerce stores. Mobile apps have exceeded the consumers’ expectations by offering diverse inventory systems on mobile. Today, retail inventory management can easily be controlled through apps.

    MageMob Inventory is one such Inventory Management app that offers a complete control on your stock and suppliers with purchase order generation and barcode scanning! Store owners can efficiently manage stock order status, shipping costs, purchase orders and goods received. All these can be performed on-the-go! Thus, it fulfills all the needs of merchants as well as customers. The key benefits of Magento Inventory Manager mobile app are,

    • Fits All Sized Businesses
    • Be it small, medium or large, this application is offered to all of them. It will be a great helping hand in streamlining the stocks.

    • Made For Mobile And Web
    • It is designed for web as well. The enterprise edition is well catered to the people who run websites.

    • A Complete System Control By Admin
    • The application allows admin to have a complete control on the order purchasing system. Admin can configure various settings from order status and quantity.

    • Deliver Orders Without Delay
    • Send goods on time! Orders can be delivered without any delay through this application.

    • Get Notifications On Important Actions
    • Users will have email and notifications on various actions. As a result, not a single task will be overlooked.

    • Barcode Scanning Feature Integration
    • Through barcode scanning, products are updated automatically in your system. Users can also import CSV to update the product/order stock.

    Thus, using the MageMob Inventory app, users can explore various fundamentals of Magento Inventory management system on-the-move, from any nook and corner of the globe!

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