Magento Mobile App: Increase Sales From Extended Mobile Reach

Maulik Shah
Feb 04,2016

    Over the years, mobile eCommerce has brought a paradigm shift in an online shopping era. This is an aura of tablet and smartphones, where everything is accessed on-the-go or on-the-fly. Today, people shop everything online hence, enjoy online shopping time to the fullest from any nook and corner of the world.

    In 2015, around 60% of all time spent on eCommerce store on smartphones. Online stores generated around $40 billion dollars with the help of shopping cart applications. Industry leaders are into catering user-friendly eCommerce solutions these days; the Magento application used, should be responsive to the core. However, it is not enough to offer responsive designs in product pages. The foremost friction point here is to provide a smooth shopping cart and check out experience!

    Magento shopping carts and check out extensions should be fully responsive, helping intensify the mobile eCommerce conversion costs. This will only happen when you have Magento shopping cart app, integrated to your eCommerce store. MageMob Cart is one such Magento mobile cart app that helps consumers shop on-the-move! Highly advanced and fully customized app is easy to use, maintain and deploy. Beyond all these factors, the bigger picture comes here is the benefits, reaped out of this application.

    • Offers access anytime and from anywhere
    • Helps connect consumers globally
    • Provides improved online visibility
    • Increases the number of satisfied customers
    • Helps boost sale with great business results
    • Saves time and money

    mCommerce is the most prevailing online shopping platform which brings optimal solutions to augment the online shopping experience.

    Ignoring mCommerce is totally an uncool idea, since the globe is advancing rapidly and so are people’s demands. Ask anyone about shopping cart apps and everyone will highly recommend mCommerce apps to have a remarkable online shopping experience.

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