How a Ready-Made Ecommerce Mobile App Can Benefit?

How a Ready-Made Ecommerce Mobile App Can Benefit?

Sulabh Chauhan

June 4th, 2021

It’s been over one year, and there are still apprehensions about Corona. People aren’t still feeling safe while moving out freely and are trying to stay indoors whenever possible. Are you also among the ones holding yourself back from going out of home due to the pandemic? I am sure you must be spending a large part of your day on your phone. Be it gathering knowledge, listening to music, or chilling out with Netflix, there’s an app you are using.

Out of all these apps for various purposes, an ecommerce app is the cornerstone of online commerce today. In 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is forecast to generate via m-commerce.

If you have an online store today, it is high time you built an online app for it. Now the question arises – how will you build your ecommerce app? Will you build it from scratch, customize a ready-made app framework to fit your business needs, or integrate a ready-made solution as it is? The choice depends on various factors, including your budget and development skills, how fast you want to develop the app, and more.

However, there may be some challenges that you may face – especially if you are a small startup. The very first challenge is, of course, the limitation of budget and resources. It may neither be practical nor affordable for you to invest a considerable budget and hire a big development team at a nascent stage.

So, how do you start your app with a minimum budget and resources? The solution is a ready-made ecommerce app solution.

Before going into it any further, the first thing you must understand is the concept of a ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution.

What Is a Ready-Made Ecommerce Mobile App?

A ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution is a ready-to-integrate or launch-ready framework that you can use to get your mobile app.

You can call a ready-made solution a white label solution that you can customize to fit your business needs. With a turnkey or ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution, you can develop your mobile app in less time and budget.

Now you have understood what a ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution is. Let’s move to the advantages of a ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution.

Benefits of a Ready-Made Ecommerce Mobile App Solution

1. Built-In eCommerce Features

The purpose of a ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution is to help startups and small businesses launch operations fast. It is because these app solutions have all the essential features that you need in a mobile app.

They are shopping carts, multiple payment gateway options, coupons and offers, social media log in, and others already present in a ready-made ecommerce app.

2. Affordability

Startups and small businesses prefer a ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution to custom development. One of the crucial reasons is that it helps you save a considerable amount of money.

Instead of hiring and paying a big team of developers, you can simply use a mobile app solution to launch it at a minimum cost. This helps you increase return on investment and boost profitability.

3. Ease of Development

A ready-to-integrate solution has all the built-in features you need. There is no need for coding to develop any feature and functionality. You can just pick an off-the-shelf solution and build your app without much knowledge of coding.

4. Eliminates Hassles of Hiring and Team Management

One of the biggest bottlenecks a startup or small business faces is finding and hiring the right team. It requires an investment of time, effort, and money and to retain and manage them. There may be friction in the management and problems during hiring the team. The reason is that experienced professional developers may not find it favorable to join a small startup.

Even if they join your company, you may find it hard to keep up with their salary expectations. This may lead to friction over time and hamper your long-term plan.

The other way is outsourcing your development – which may be a bit more advantageous than hiring developers. Still, the problems of team management, driving, and ensuring continuous development endeavors aligning with your goals may be there.

A ready-made Android mobile app or iOS mobile app saves you all these hassles. It provides you with a readily usable solution that doesn’t require you to hire any technical resources and invest a big amount.

5. Easy-to-Manage After Launch

You can handle a ready-made ecommerce app solution very easily, right from its development, customization, deployment, and post. There is a minimal requirement for a technically sound resource to handle operations throughout the deployment process. Even after you launch the app, you can handle it all easily.

A non-tech founder can also manage the aspects of an app by themselves or dispense with just one technical resource rather than a big development team.

6. Helps Develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

With a ready-made ecommerce app solution, an organization can deploy the app in no time. One big issue that start-ups face is the shortage of capital.

With a ready-made ecommerce mobile app feature, you can launch your app in no time. There is no need to fine-tune or enhance the features and ensure perfectness.

You can then pitch for this MVP to some potential investors and help get funds. If an investor or two likes your MVP, they may get ready to invest in your app. These funds can help you raise more capital to polish the app and enhance its features and functionalities.

7. Great Ease of Customization and Scalability

A ready-to-integrate solution provides the provision of scalability and personalization. A startup can leverage the built-in features and customize them to fit their business logic.

You can also ramp up your app’s functions and functionalities in the later phases as your business and its needs grow.

8. Low-Risk Factor

With more investment, budget, and effort, the chances of risks also go high. If your app doesn’t cater to your target customers’ expectations or some other issues show up, it can cause a big problem. Rectifying those issues and tweaking the features can be more challenging and take more time and cost.

On the contrary, if you develop your app with a minimum investment with an app builder, things can get easier. You can experiment and launch your app with minimum features to reduce the chances of heavy initial losses. Later on, you can add more features as and when required after thoroughly analyzing your app’s current demand and success rate.

MageMob App Builder Solution – Your Smart App Builder

If you are an online store owner looking to build a mobile app, our MageMob App Builder can be the right fit for you. It is a ready-to-integrate app framework that you can integrate and launch your mobile app.

1. Easy User Profile Management

The MageMob App Builder solution provides you with the ease to update personal details, manage wish lists, recover passwords, etc. The ease of user profile management helps enhance users’ experience and increase sales.

2. Live Synchronization

Our ready-made ecommerce mobile app solution provides real-time synchronization between your app and online store. Uploading products, details, and other changes on your site reflects automatically in the app.

3. Push Notifications

Alerts and push notifications help you send offers, sales, coupon codes, and other important notifications. It helps you gain loyal customers by engaging them more effectively.

4. Order Management

Our app solution provides your customers with the ability to purchase view history. They can manage, track, or cancel orders from within their app. It helps improve customers’ experience.

5. Voice and Barcode Search

With the support for voice and barcode search, you can help your customer speed up the search process. You can also let a custom fetch product details and order the product.

6. Geo-Tracking

The geo-tracking feature helps customers auto-fill shipping addresses without eliminating the need for manual entries. This way, checkout becomes easier and faster.

7. Multi-Language Support

To help maximize your outreach, the MageMob app solution provides support for multiple languages in your app. It also provides support for the Right-to-Left (RTL) format.

8. Multiple Payment Gateways

Our app solution offers the freedom to choose between various payment methods to customers. This helps you ensure that the customer can easily buy any product via their preferred method.

Besides, it also provides social media integration, easy registration, high loading speed, seamless navigation, and other features that you seek in a native ecommerce app.

So, let’s join hands, discuss your requirements, and get your business app off the ground with our ready-made ecommerce mobile app.

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