How Does Odoo Multi-purpose Theme Help Different Industries to Set Up E-Stores?

Maulik Shah
Apr 26,2018

    For the past few years, several business owners have taken a leap of online entrepreneurship. They have happily moved their brick and mortar store to online platforms. And it is a win-win situation for both online shoppers and e-store owners. Shoppers can buy whatever they want from the comforts of their home and the online retailers can expose themselves to a global market. But there is a drawback to this scenario. Although a swarm of businesses have moved online, not all of them are successful.

    So, what do you think might be the reason for the same? Well, there can be many. Impulsive choice of platform, complex user-interface, overwhelming features, bad themes etc. There are several functionalities and features that a website must have including home page, product pages, list pages etc. And to implement this, there arises a need to have a theme or an infrastructure which makes it easy for e-store owners to build their website.

    If you have an Odoo ecommerce store, Odoo apps and themes can provide you with an array of features that can enhance the look and feel of your store. It not only offers a great website design for your business but keeps your customers coming back to your e-store. Today, we will understand how premium Odoo Themes help diverse industries to set up e-commerce stores. Here we go:

    Odoo Theme for Furniture Providers

    When it comes to selling furniture online, the e-store owners expect to have Odoo furniture themes that help their customers to browse through an array of furniture designs easily. To fulfill these needs, they would need professionally designed theme that enables them to:

    • Configure their store page by adding and removing the furniture items as and when they need
    • Choose the furniture e- store’s theme color, layout, and font combination
    • Display the bestselling furniture and upholstery on the banners by creating an exclusive look
    • Highlight the important brands that their furniture e-store promotes
    • Show products according to different categories defined in the backend
    • Offer option to search for items through search bar and allow product sorting with price slider

    Apart from the above-mentioned furniture store specific features, there are other generic features for marketing, designing, and managing payment gateway.

    Odoo Theme for Fashion Industry

    Online fashion sales had accelerated to 24% of total fashion spend last year, which was up by 17% in the year 2013. Statistics like this are a huge indication for e-store owners need to choose from versatile and premium Odoo themes. These Odoo fashion themes provide with the following features:

    • Customizable options to modify a drab store and make it come alive
    • Mobile responsive theme that enables customers to shop from their mobiles swiftly
    • Facility to display the latest blogs related to latest theme
    • Product Slider Snippet that enables customers to add products directly to cart
    • Admin can list Multiple Product Categories and add products to them
    • You can add promotional products in your store and edit your advertisements

    As most of these are drag and drop snippets, they offer a great convenience to the e-store owners who do not have the technical knowhow of building a website.

    Odoo Theme for Gadget Sellers

    Selling mobiles, tablets and other devices on e-store ask for a stylish and professional layout. You need to display all the images along with their descriptions articulately. To make that possible, you would need Odoo responsive templates that provide with a finished functioning seamlessly on all devices. Here is how it helps:

    • Drag & Drop Snippets enable the e-store owners to create and customize their store
    • Helps the store owners to modify the language of their e-store and provide currency support
    • Facilitates with description banners on which e-store owners can display their major products
    • Modernized cart page that helps customers to add and order products with ease
    • Brand snippets that display the bestselling brands along with their configurations

    These templates are search engine friendly and enable the admin to add metadata, tiles so that they can optimize their mobile ecommerce store to rank high.

    Odoo Theme for Automobile Industry

    You must have come across several e-stores that sell vehicles online. What is the biggest drawback to these stores? Well, at times, you will not be able to have a 360° view of most of the vehicles. Hence, the theme of an automobile store should be such that your customers can have a preview of each component carefully. Have a look at some of the features it should have:

    • Customizable header and footer to display the name and features of your vehicle
    • A search bar to enable your customers to find the automobile they want
    • Display images with zoom facility so that your customers can view every part of the vehicle
    • Product tag support for the Admin to be able to bifurcate the products
    • Facility of product sorting with product price tag and slider


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