How Can Magento E-Store Owners Make Most Out of AppJetty’s Combo Offers?

Prachi Shah
Aug 28,2018

    The business owners who have set up their Magento store have to deal with nitty gritty of selling online day in and out. Although Magento Platform in its entirety provides with a lot of functionalities, it doesn’t provide some features that are important for ecommerce store owners to run their business successfully. Which is why at some point in time, there arises a need for them to invest into Magento extensions that can take care of different facets of their online store.

    Magento extensions can take care of an array of facets of one’s online store including site management, product browsing, inventory management, merchandising etc. Now, when you are an upcoming e-store owner and have just established your e-store, you can’t possibly invest a lot into extensions. And the next thing you know, you get desperate and start looking for best deals for Magento extensions. Well, it is okay to look for such deals; but you need to ensure that they enhance the value of your e-store and serve the functionalities you expect it to serve.

    AppJetty often comes up with special offers for Magento Extensions for its client base globally. As of now, it is providing e-store owners with best combo deals using which customers need to order 2 products (minimum) and they get discounts on the total cost of the extension combo. If you want to extend the functionalities of your website and enhance your business process, these deals might benefit you a lot. Underneath the Combo Deals, the Magento e-store owners can get discounts up to $5000.

    If you want to create a combo specific to your needs, you need to follow the 4 steps given below:

    Step 1. Choose: You can choose more than one product belonging to Magento Platform
    Step 2. Drag & Drop: As soon as you decide upon the products, you can drag and drop the products from the left panel.
    Step 3. Configure: Once you have dragged the products, you can add different parameters like support period, domain name, upgrade period etc.
    Step 4. Checkout: You can add the final products to your cart and checkout.

    Apart from best combo deals on Magento 1 & 2 platforms, you can also find deals on different platforms including WooCommerce, Sugar/Suite CRM, DynamicsCRM etc. It is possible to create combos based on same as well as different platforms. You can find a range of extension that can help you to send/receive quotes, manage inventory, implement better shipping and deliveries etc. Several plugins by AppJetty are popular and are placed in the category of “bestsellers” on Magento Marketplace.

    Why not check out the range of plugins and extensions on the AppJetty website and get them at reasonable rates? Check out the special offers for Magento extensions on the page

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