How Magento Deals with Different Level of Your Inventory Management Tasks?

Devvratt Singh Charan
Sep 26,2018

Just imagine, on a hectic day, you are processing a big order. All of a sudden you get a call from your customer who wishes to place an order to you. One of your employees picks up the call and respond to the customer. Due to a bit of load on the Magento based system, he fumbles and even make your customer wait for span while the system software works.

After all the hassles, he confirms the order and promise to meet the customer need by a certain delivery time. But when you check the inventory, an important piece of the product is out of stock and your Magento Inventory Manager software did not tell you about that. So, you are unable to deliver the product and meet the promise that you made with the client.

Frustrating! Right? Now think about your customers. They would be disappointed and moreover it makes them lose their trust on your services. But it is a noisy market and they hear many sales pitches from countless businesses. Most of them are from your competitors itself. So, such disappointment will make them shift from you and give your business to your competitors.

Now, whose fault it is? Not your employees ofcourse! This might happen due to your outdated Magento inventory extension that is not meant for a growing business like you must be having. It will make you unable to manage your multi-location warehouse and process the inventory up to the level you should. And it will result in your business to suffer.

Because such mishaps are not just inconvenience, these are business damages. So, all this creates an immediate demand for you to streamline your inventory and get the right tool for it.

Let us see how can you overcome these troubles:

Overcoming the Inventory Trouble

To overcome troubles that you must be facing, it is more important that you first address the challenges that you face. So, let us list out some of the major challenges that you face:

Your Inventory Management Challenges

Operation Inefficiency

If your employees have to spend a long span of time to locate the inventory, it is a problem. Whether it is in the system or physically, any time consumption in locating the inventory is a sign of inefficiency. It should facilitate you to quickly place orders, receive or pick products, pack and ship them. Your Magento inventory system should be able to save your time and execute operation in minimum efforts.

Suffering Productivity

When your system is not efficient, it creates a direct impact on your employee’s ability to perform. Lack of automation and more manual work also hits the productivity of your system. If your system in a bit complicated and not so easy to operate, learn and train, you can’t expect max out of it.

In such cases, it will be a bit difficult for other employees to work and only a few employees will be familiar with the system. When these employees are not at the workplace and this system will not be less than a rocket science for other employees. This might suspend your work too.

Poor Maintenance of Data

It is not just a goal to have 100% accurate data of your warehouse and inventory, it is a necessity. But, any mistake in the data will lead you to commit mishaps. I am pretty sure that you would never want to be into a scenario that we just imagined above. So, if your outdated Magento Inventory Management Extension fumbles with data or does not have the barcode feature, it is the time to remove it.

Systematic Data Entry System

If you are still managing your data in spreadsheets and relying on registers, then you are hell outdated. Even if you miss a single number or keyed a wrong entry, your whole database might wrong. Now we will have to step out to spreadsheet age and will have to opt some automation with barcodes.

Today, Barcode feature is necessity in every business vertical. Whether you are a retail superstore owner or a big molding machinery warehouse manager. You will have to use them for smooth work processing. Along with it, not integrating with handled device and scanners will also make you data scanning system lengthy and time taking.

Mismanaged Stock

Are you able to see products setting up on the top of your shelf, relaxing since moth and enjoying a good dusty cover? It you are, then you see their party as your inventory mismanagement. There should be a set quantum amount for every product as per its demand. Any product should not fall short or go over this quantity for a loner span. Too much of stock is waste and too little stock is probably a missed opportunity. Here, an efficient inventory management tool will help you to manage inventory in balance.

Meeting All Your Inventory Challenges with a Perfect Tool

Now we have a better idea on which are the focus areas where you can focus to find the perfect inventory management tool for you. Considering all these challenges, AppJetty helps you with a dynamic solution MageMob Inventory that can meet all your needs. It is an all in one Magento Inventory Management Extension works 360 degrees on both Android and iOS devices. This tool will help you to streamline your business growth to the new level.

MageMob Inventory meets all your business challenge by working in 3 different working levels. These 3 different levels are:

  • Inventory Management: It can manage the stock status, orders, delivery schedules and look after the complete warehouse management.
  • Customers Management: MageMob Inventory keeps data of your customer details, their orders, new request and build a transparent communication with them.
  • Database Management: Check out all the micro details and analytical reports of your system. It will help you to manage stock and enhance the efficiency.

Final words….

MageMob is a Magento Inventory Management Extension that helps you to manage all the above-mentioned tasks and makes your inventory management more powerful than ever. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your outdated inventory management system and use the power of MageMob Inventory for your inventory. It will also aid you to keep a wide berth from inventory management nightmares.

If you have any doubts or queries on how MageMob can leverage your inventory, feel free to reach us. We will be happy to help you.

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