How MageMob POS Simplifies Order Management

Maulik Shah
Nov 03,2015

    Imagine a scenario that you are interacting with your customer and you are being asked to add some products to his order and you got to tell them that you need to check the stock prior to updating his order. Is this a feasible scenario for any store owner? Such opportunities should not be missed. Business owners in the manufacturing industry need an intuitive solution that helps them manage the customers and the inventory at the same time.

    MageMob POS - A portable order management mobile app that can be accessed through iPad or Android tablets is the ultimate solution to increase the ROI. Manufacturing units may have several tasks to be accomplished within given timeline. The inventory management system must be strong and powerful to update the stock details and display the real-time information. Even the front end of the system i.e. the data displayed to the customers need to offer real-time information. It offers several benefits like improved customer relationship, enhanced sales, portability, customer retention etc.

    All about Mobile POS

    POS is the interface through which an order can be placed and anywhere and anytime as this overwhelming solution can be accessed through tablets working on either iOS or Android. The store owner can also cancel, edit, modify the orders placed or can also print the invoice generated. This portable solution can help the store owners to stay connected with their store 24*7.

    How it Improves ROI

    • Enhanced Sales
    • Easy and seamless access of the solution increases the sales of the entire eCommerce store and generates desired revenue. Implementing a solution that simplifies the business processes offers ample benefits, which also includes improved sales.

    • Better Customer Relationship
    • Timely delivery of the products leaves a positive impact on the buyer-seller relationship. Even the customer services can be enhanced with quick response to customer queries and smooth functioning of the MageMob POS application all 365 days.

    • Customer Acquisition
    • This is a handy app that works efficiently in the tablet or iPads. It attracts customers as it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Admin or the store owners have the clear idea about the real time stock of products for better store management.

    • User Friendly
    • This exclusive app for eCommerce store is quite user-friendly. It can easily be managed by the store owners as it does not require any intense technical knowhow. With simple navigation, this application can easily be organized according to the business requirements that can easily be managed by the online business owners.

    Thus modern eCommerce businesses can benefit from this effective and portable application to simplify their business functioning and staying updated about their business anytime anywhere.

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