How to Integrate Australia Post with Magento?

How to Integrate Australia Post with Magento?

Maulik Shah

February 8th, 2017

A number of factors pool in to decide the success of a business. The process of online transaction begins with the stages like marketing, promotion, etc, and goes on till the customer receives the product in the best condition. Even though shipping of the product is the final step, it matters a lot to your business. Delivering your products on time and in its intact shape and form is very important for the reputation for your business. If your ecommerce is based in Australia, your shipping woes can be taken away by Australia Post Shipping. Australia Post has an extensive range of mailing options for you to manage your store’s shipping efficiently. Let’s have a quick look at why you should go for it:

  • You can prepare your shipments and track them easily through Australia Post. Your customer also gets to track the package at the other end.
  • It’s easy to use. You just establish your eParcel agreement and how you want to integrate it with your store. You are ready to start with sending consignments then.
  • The service is extremely flexible. You can also go for third party integration which makes your task much easier and organized.
  • It offers affordable shipping services and also provides transit cover for loss and damage.

With all these benefits of going with Australia post, you can make your task much more easy and efficient by integrating it with your Magento store using Magento Australia Post Shipping Extension. The extension helps you add value to your online store and makes your shipping process smooth. What else can this extension do and why you should go for it? Let’s check out some features of the Magento Australia Post Shipping to clear your doubts regarding it.

Customized configurations

The extension makes it really easy for you to configure shipping methods and other settings related to the shipment. Enable Australia Post Shipping by simply setting up the handling fee and warehouse post code. You can also set COD as an option for your customers. Additionally, the admin has full leverage to configure whether a signature is required on delivery and charges for domestic and international shipments. Item level packaging is also available to ship each item separately.

Add multiple shipping options

You can add multiple shipping options under Australia Post to your site. By doing this, you can give a clear idea to your customers about the shipping time and charges. When customers know what they are getting it improves your store’s conversion rate.

Generate shipping rates directly

As an admin, you can set up product configurations accordingly. Select attributes for dimensions of the product (length, width, and height) and units in kilograms and grams. You can also set default values for the dimensions to be considered when the specific products’ dimensions are not set.

Manage shipping cost visibility

For Satchel Services provided by Australia Post, the admin can show or hide the satchel services’ rates at the front end. In that case, satchel service rates will only be made visible when the packages’ dimensions and weight matches with the requirements of a satchel service. Admin can also upload and display custom rates provided by eParcel Matrix Rates Shipping Method. It used a table based shipping method to calculate the rates which is to be defined by the admin. You can also specify handling fees, signature cost, and insurance cost from the backend. So, that makes this aspect of your business very organized and convenient.

Label printing service

You can have the label printing option directly from the extension. It will allow you to generate shipment label with Australia post logo in predefined sizes and format. This label is to be attached on the shipment. You can design your own layout for the label and save it to reprint later.


Australia post is undoubtedly one of the best options you can go for if your business is based in Australia. And by integrating Australia Post to your Magento site using Australia Post Shipping Extension, you save on much time and efforts by eliminating the need to go to the site and set up delivery for each of the shipments. As a store admin, your work is always in bulk, so the extension saves you from much work by doing a number of jobs efficiently and swiftly.

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