How Can E-Store Owners Combat Late Product Delivery Problems?

Maulik Shah
May 02,2018

    Same day delivery is not a dream anymore! And, ecommerce giants like Amazon have proved that. When the number of orders and their deliveries became difficult for them, they started surprising their customers by making same day product delivery through drones. Now, if you are just a startup or an SMB, application of drone might be a far-fetched dream. We all know that customers are kings and they do not like to keep waiting for their orders to be delivered. And you can’t even afford losing customers. Not just excellent quality, but timely delivery of quality service is also important. Why? Well, because late product deliveries can result into customers losing interest in your service.

    But, you can still deliver products on the day you have promised. If you are an e-store owner and have a Magento based platform, a delivery date schedule extension might come of help. But, before we know about how an extension like that can help, let us try to know about the factors that lead to delayed delivery. Some of them, are given below:

    Shortage and Delay in Raw Material Supply

    Let us say, your customer ordered for a personalized t-shirt with a red ink design. And you had to ask your customer to select some other color. Merely, due to non-availability of red ink. A situation like this one may be disheartening. Not just for you but also for your customers. The aftermath? The customer might never return to your e-store again. This shortage of raw materials leads to downfall in your supplies and thereby customers lose interest in your services.

    Documentation Mistake

    A small mistake in typing the address, pin code, contact number or in bills can cause major loss for your business. When the right address or pin code is not mentioned, the delivery of products can fail miserably and lead to non-payment for your products. You would never be able to regain your customer due to a mistake like that one.

    Documentation Mistake in Delivery Date

    Unmarked Non-working Days

    When you do not mention about your non-working days, your customers will not be able to know whether you are operative on a particular day or not. So, when they order a particular product from your e-store, they consider that as a working day and then your late delivery countdown buzzes. Thereafter you know, customers have already framed a bad opinion about your service and are never going to return to your e-store.

    Mother Nature

    One of the leading factors for delayed delivery is bad weather conditions which is not under anyone’s control. These big weather conditions like snowfall, thunderstorms, etc. are big hurdles to product delivery process. But there cannot be solution for this hurdle.

    With problems comes solutions too. There are many ways one can combat delayed deliveries. Here is how you can do it:

    Automate Stock Maintenance

    In the initial years of handling your business, it is difficult to keep the right balance between demand and supply of products. During certain circumstances, you might fall short of raw materials. And if delayed deliveries happen due to lack of raw materials, there are chances that your customers might not buy from you again. What if you had an automated software that looks after your stock availability as per the defined flow? “Fantastic!” you might say. Well, search online for “Delivery Date Schedule Extension” and you are sure to find one that serves your purpose.

    Notifying About Working/Non-working Days

    Set up a calendar for your customers on your website through the plugin which brings your working and non-working to their notice. This lets your customers know on which days to expect their product delivery. Once they select the convenient date, the Delivery Date Scheduler reminds you about the product deliveries that you need to execute on the day you promised. This brings a lot of convenience too as you might find the customer ready to receive the parcel on the day you deliver the product.

    Avoid Address Errors

    How will you handle a situation when your delivery person finds nobody at the mentioned address? What follows is howling from your customers and nagging from the delivery service provider. A situation like this might arise when your customers might have mentioned a wrong pin code/address. The Delivery Date Schedule Extensions available for Magento platforms come with a functionality that enables you to enlist all the pin codes - area wise. So, in case your customer mentions the wrong pin code, it suggests them with the right one. Quite a savior! Isn’t it!

    Track Your Delivery Process

    Track Your Delivery Process

    “Where has my product reached?” This is a common question mulled over by customers. And what follows is constant emails and calls. Why not provide your customers with the facility to track and monitor product delivery and let them know the whereabouts of their parcel? You can provide this facility in the front end to your customers and make the most out of it from your back end. Although delivery tracking has become a common phenomenon, it brings a lot of surety about the product delivery.


    Have you experienced any of these glitches in your delivery process? AppJetty can help you combat delayed deliveries and make your dream of on-time delivery come true. Try integrating the Magento Delivery Date extension and make your customers greet you with a smile. Know more about the features of our product. Write to us on

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