How Dynamics CRM Extensions Can Enhance your CRM System?

Nov 29,2018

    Every Business is dynamic. However, business requirements, client requirements, and resource requirements change over time. And so, should tools and processes. To take care of customer relationships and their requirements in a better way, a CRM system is a tool a business must invest into regardless of their size. Also, as the business grows and requirements change, one needs to update the CRM. Moving to a completely new CRM every time with the change of requirement is difficult and might cost you a lot of time and money.

    From the marketing department to the sales department, different departments use CRM for different purposes. Again, here the requirements here might differ. During such times, CRM extensions can be of a great help. The small businesses who have invested in the basic CRM with limited modules can start looking for ‘CRM software system for small businesses.’ Take a look at some of the ways in which Dynamics CRM plugins can enhance your CRM system:

    Get Customized Alerts:
    CRM extensions help you to get customized alerts individually. They also help to set calendar and help with the personal tracking of tasks.

    Of course, CRM helps to automate things, but extensions help to take the automation to next level and customize it according to individualistic needs.

    To build add-on modules:
    Building and adding new modules to the existing CRM system become hassle-free with the use of extensions. This helps is to update the CRM easily without disturbing the existing system.

    Saves Costs:
    As already discussed, updating to new CRM every time your requirement changes could cost a lot, but extensions come handy and could meet your requirements. An extension can save a lot of time and costs of small businesses that invest in CRM software.

    To Organize Your Data:
    It is an undeniable fact that CRM software holds large amounts of data. Although many CRMs are efficient in filtering and sorting out the data, an extra extension would surely help you to organize the huge data according to your personal requirements in a better way.

    The developers craft CRM software keeping the company needs in mind, and to make it more personalized for individual department/employee extensions is what everyone depends on.

    Customized Customer Portals:
    Personalized marketing is what is winning the hearts in this digital era. And that’s why many marketers use CRM to display personalized content to their customers. In the same way, extensions help you build customized customer portals which will take the customization to next level.

    Build Employee Portals:
    You can build Individual employee portals using the extensions. This will ease the work of employees and help them to have all their data in one place without the need of dealing with huge amount of data available in the CRM software. This helps them to streamline their work more efficiently.

    Increased Security:
    With extensions, your personal data is more secured. Having individual portals will add one more layer of security to your personal data.

    To Support Different Platforms:
    Not all CRM support every platform. But through extensions, you will able to build customized modules that adhere to your platform.

    Better Tracking and Reporting:
    On the whole, the CRM system has been an integral part of the sales and marketing teams. But now the uses of CRM software go beyond just to facilitate sales and marketing.

    Extensions are one way to expand the scope of CRM software. They help you to track and build reports according to your needs. These are just some general uses of extension. The list of benefits is endless. However, it is advisable to get your extensions or plugins from the trusted sources or experts so that these add-ons don't disturb your actual CRM software.

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