AppJetty Halloween Special Offer 2018: Make Your E-Store Halloween Ready!

Devvratt Singh Charan
Oct 04,2018

In 2017, there was a record number of celebrants in America as the total number of people celebrating the Halloween was 179 million. Let me share some more amazing information. There was another record of the average spending amount per buyer by $86.13 with a total sales figure of 9.1 billion. The highest selling amount in Halloween season by far. That means, every American is out for shopping and they are spending good. They are buying costume, candy bags, masks and everything for them. Even their pets are not behind as at least 10% of customers are dressing their pets also. The scenarios are quite same in many other countries too.

Now, if you are an e-store owner, are you selling your offerings to the maximum number of them? If the answer is “yes” it is a bright season for you. But wait! If you are saying yes just because you have loaded a good stock with new products and throwing an attractive discount; it is a graver concern because you will have to ensure that your store is well prepared for this deal.

Making Your Store Halloween Ready

Above figures made it clear to you on how Halloween Offer skyrockets the sales figures and generates a high market demand. And as customers run short of time for preparation and give preference to your online store rather than their street side brick and mortar stores. Hence the high market demand generates high number of orders for your online store. This is plot where you have to work upon your online store and make it capable to meet such demands and fulfill all such big load of orders.

Powering Up All the Layers of Your Online Store

Whether you want to streamline your webstore customer experience or wish to manage sales in a better manner, AppJetty helps you all the ways. We offer you tools that enhance the functionality of your store and work as an extension of your existing technology. Our tools are compatible with all the leading eCommerce technologies like Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCommerce and Odoo. Not only that, we also help you with CRM products that facilitate you to smoothen your operations. We provide plugins for leading CRMs like Dynamics, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM and Salesforce. All our products simplify your Halloween sales processing and empower you to meet all your orders in the smoothest way. And the cherry on the top is, you get AppJetty Halloween Offer.

Cherry on The Top: Flat 10% Discounts

Everybody loves discounts, and you must be fond of them too! After all, saving money is always a great deal. In this Halloween season, AppJetty is offering Halloween Special Offer 2018 with a flat 10% discount on all our non-recursive products. Hence, generate more sales by meeting your orders seamlessly with a well-managed online store that too at a pocket friendly price.

Hence, spread the happiness with fear this Halloween by making the most out of our attractive discount offer. Take a tour of our website and check out our product range! We have an array of bestselling tools for your eCommerce store with leading technologies.

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