Presenting Furnito - The Next Generation Odoo Ecommerce Theme for Furniture Industry

Maulik Shah
Oct 12,2016

Odoo Ecommerce, with its native integration of Odoo apps, has changed the way how e-commerce businesses showcase their stores online. And a large part of the attraction of Odoo Ecommerce is the theme itself. In an Odoo theme, you can experiment with the snippets instead of defining the entire layout of the page. This definitely impacts the user experience to a great extent.

Biztech has been leading from the forefront by launching one bestselling theme after another. After the success of Crafito, another recent addition to our portfolio of awesome Odoo themes is Furnito.

About Furnito

Furnito is a next generation Odoo E-commerce theme which is particularly designed to serve the best design for web stores related to the furniture industry. Furnito gives a new definition to website management for home furnishing and furniture stores. It’s a best-in class Odoo Ecommerce theme based on HTML5 and is full of features and custom snippets.

What Makes Furnito Worth Buying?

The design

Furnito offers you an elegant and responsive design which is unmatched to the normal e-commerce website designs available on the web. Though majorly it is designed for the furniture industry, it can very well accommodate any category of products an e-store wishes to showcase. This answers for the flexibility of the theme as well.

Ease of Usage

The theme is easy to use as minimal coding has been used in the software that makes the installation, usage, and maintenance trouble-free. It offers you one click installation and optimized speed for better experience.


The snippets are one of the best features of the odoo ecommerce themes. Furnito polishes it further with effortless drag and drop snippets. There are multi product slider snippets from where the customer can directly add products to the cart and see the ratings as well. That too is available in different widths. Additionally, the snippets can be used multiple times and is fully alterable.


The theme is largely customizable in terms of snippets and other configurations. The headers and footers of the page can also be experimented with.

Multiple language and Currency Support

Furnito supports multiple languages which makes the e-commerce stores reachable to more number of customers. You can also customize it to accept various currencies, which is definitely a plus from business point of view.

Customer Connectivity

The theme provides an option of newsletter subscription along with the leverage of managing the product reviews and product ratings by the customers. It also provides with choices to attractively position testimonials. In a way, it helps the e-commerce businesses help connect in a better way with its customers, facilitating conversion.

Better Shopping Experience

Furnito provides an advanced menu page and a completely new and innovative cart page. The category list can be collapsed according to the requirement of the customer. The products added in the cart can be reviewed quickly. Multiple product images are accommodated with a zoom option to give the viewer a better understanding of the product. Also, the products can be sorted according to price and other features. All this certainly results in a better shopping experience for the customer. And according to the ultimate rule, a happy customer is undeniably a returning customer.

Other features

Apart from all this, Furnito provides the e-commerce businesses with some special features which include a range of choices to put up when the site is under maintenance, separate section for blog, and store support in variant languages.

All this answers for the reliability of the product and why you should most certainly go for Furnito and why it is the best Odoo ecommerce theme for furniture industry.

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