Find How can SEO Extend eCommerce Business Performance?

Maulik Shah
Dec 21,2015

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the technique that can turn your eCommerce website into an online brand. Optimization helps websites to gain better visibility and lets you avail improved ranking of your eCommerce website in search results. SEO executives put many efforts in helping websites to appear in the organic search results of by popular search engines.

    Websites appearing in search results receive more traffic (thumb rule). The ultimate goal to make any website highly popular is to optimize it for getting it on page 1 of the search results. Considering the market needs, reliability is an important factor customers would be looking for. Search engines ensure the feasibility of eCommerce websites through sufficient details to give them notable website rankings. People trust websites with good ranking or through its appearance in the first page of the search results.

    You can use the reliable SEO tool based on Odoo ERP named SEO suite – The ultimate solution for making eCommerce website SEO specific. Let us check how it can help eCommerce website to get popular!

    Everything you Should know About Odoo ERP SEO Suite

    Admin can add Meta details to all the pages displaying products making it SEO optimized and helping eCommerce websites to rank high in search engines. You can attract your customers by adding Meta details on every product category page. It offers huge range of features and options to manage the SEO details of your eCommerce business dynamically.

    Top Features Packed with Odoo SEO Suite – An Odoo ERP Solution

    • The Default template separator (functionality that helps setting up and separating the template) can easily be configured from “Website Setting”.
    • The multiple separators (e.g. pipe, comma etc.) can be selected by the admin given the website requirements.
    • The existing separators can be replaced though a checkbox while setting up Odoo SEO suite.
    • You can view all the product Meta information that has been defined for any specific products like title, keywords and description in the product template. Even SEO details can be defined for the products. These details can be replaced with the fresh details.

    Merchants using this extension can avail extensive search engine visibility for their online business. You can simply add Meta descriptions of every product present in the online store and increase traffic to your store.

    Benefits of Integrating Odoo SEO Suite

    • Improved Search Engine Visibility
    • Ample Popularity
    • Increased Website Traffic
    • Desired Revenue Generation
    • And more…

    Want to offer your customers a reliable eCommerce website? This Odoo ERP app solution is perfect for reliable online stores seeking the position on the first page in the search results.

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