Odoo Ecommerce: 6 Ways to Enhance Your Odoo Store

Odoo Ecommerce: 6 Ways to Enhance Your Odoo Store

Maulik Shah

July 21st, 2016

Odoo / OpenERP is one of the most popular open source solution with more than a thousand downloads per day. One of the reasons for it’s popularity is that it’s a collection of different apps and hence, can be deployed rapidly because of its modularity and ease to use. It is flexible, and can be adapted as per your needs. It is not a monolithic software like other ERP systems that take months of consultation and implementation.

Odoo is also becoming increasingly popular as an ecommerce platform. When it comes to expanding the functionality of your online store and integrating it with various other systems odoo is an outstanding eCommerce platform for businesses as other systems are also part of the Odoo application suite and hence integration becomes a breeze.

At Biztech we have a dedicated team of developers for Odoo development and have come up with various Odoo apps and themes that you can use to enhance the functionality of your store. Given below are six ways you can enhance your Odoo ecommerce store using 6 of our products.

1. Have a Modern & Responsive Front End Design

Kingfisher- HTML5 Responsive bootstrap theme for Odoo is an agile, flexible, artistic and customizable front end theme that can make enhancements in the website. Its benefit lies in the neat finish, fresh look, simple navigation and attractive layout. This theme provides megamenu (three levels deep), customizable product list and many more striking features to develop a professional and highly robust ecommerce store. Kingfisher is fully responsive and one of the fastest selling Oddo front end themes.

2. Have An SEO Optimized Store

SEO is one of the most critical areas for marketing your online store. With SEO Suite, you can now optimize your website and add fully customizable Meta details to your products & category pages as per your definite business needs. No technical expertise needed. SEO suite also has the option to add sitemaps that allow your users to navigate through the site and search engines to crawl it. Additionally, by configuring SEO suite plugin, you can now promote the product & categories pages of your Odoo website. And this will build your online business visible online in all search engines increasing traffic and revenues.

3. Create a Mega menu

Give a majestic look to your product list with all new Advance Mega Menu App. This app helps you to categorize the brands of your store and allows you to display it in a mega menu. You can have multiple mega menus you need in the website. You can hold as many multiple columns in it as determined by you in back end. You can also append a slider in your armory to showcase your most up-to-date and quick selling products of the store. With different background images and background colors, the appearance of the menu will get creative edge.

4. Generate Customized Store Reports

As an online store owner you need reports to make sense of how your products are selling and where you need to make improvements. Smart All-in-One-Report-Templates app helps you generate customize store reports. You have templates of Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and desires for Quotation, Delivery Notes and Picking List. You can opt for default templates for any of the reports or you can also customize any templates if required.

5. Order Products in Bulk

If you have a B2B online store, your customers will frequently need to order products in bulk. But this process itself is so time consuming that busy purchase managers in companies would prefer a store where they can automate this bulk ordering process. For such customers we have developed Matrix Quick Order App. With this app you can offer your customers the choice of ordering multiple items and help grow their sales effortlessly. Customers can add as many items to multiple bulk order lists and the next time they just need to select these lists and order. Since most industrial buyers buy the same products at regular intervals this app makes their work much easier and becomes a unique USP for your store.

6. Customize Store backend

If your store front-end is designer and colorful, why should the back-end be drab and same default interface other use? Why not give it a dash of your personality. That’s exactly what Odoo Falcon Backend Theme does for you. With this premium backend theme you can change different attributes like font, color, layout of the back end. With the combination of such types of options admin can develop unique & attractive look of your backend. You can label your own menu icon with bootstrap icon to have a neat and catchy left menu.

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