Why Australia Post Shipping is the Preferred Option for Australian E-tailers

Maulik Shah
May 25,2016

    Like the rest of the world Australian ecommerce industry also saw massive changes in the ecommerce landscape and the year 2016 will witness the further growth of trends like video marketing, same-day delivery, mobile commerce and omni channel buying behavior. While these indicate exciting times ahead for Australian e-tailers, none of these would result in sales growth if not supported adequately by a reliable shipping partner.

    This is probably the reason why Australia Post is the preferred shipping partner for all the leading Australian ecommerce stores. Australia Post is the most trusted and admired freight service provider in Australia and offers a variety of shipping options and benefits that other international players don't.

    Here are some reasons Australia Post is a leading Shipping Partner for Australian E-tailers.

    1. Consistent Change for The Better

      Australia Post constantly modernized and innovates to meet the future requirements of the e-commerce industry. Bifurcating delivery into priority delivery and standard delivery, creating a more efficient nationwide delivery network, incorporating technology in delivery mechanism are some of these measures.

    2. E-commerce Focused Business Strategy

      Australia Post is actively investing in ecommerce solutions for domestic and international market. Australia Post is fully equipped to maintain its leadership role in the ecommerce shipping domain.

    3. Collaborations with International Postal Organizations

      To strengthen its international delivery capabilities Australia Post is actively collaborating with Overseas postal services to create Australia's largest retail and parcel delivery network.

    4. Plethora of Sending Options

      Whether you want to pay a fixed price for your packages or you want to pay by size and distance, whether you want domestic delivery options or international, whether you want to pack your items yourself or want Australia Post to do the packaging for you - with Australia Post, there are plenty of options for everyone.

    5. Solutions Tailored to Your Growth Needs

      With Australia Post you can be rest assured that your requirements, as your business grows, will be taken care of. Innovative solutions like printing your own shipping labels, streamlined order processing and progressive discounts as your parcel count grows - all help ensure that you never have to pay more than you need to.

    6. Customer Focussed Return Shipping Services

      With around 40% of online shoppers choosing to return the item they purchase, return shipping is as important as delivery. With services like Paid Return Parcel services and eparcel Services, merchants, again, have plenty of options to choose from.

    For all the above reasons Australia Post is the preferred choice of shipping service in Australia for both domestic and international shipping. And with Ecommerce tools that automate updation of all shipping rates and delivery charges, you can enjoy all the benefits of Australia Post without having to bother about keeping track of changes in freight rates and other terms and conditions.

    So, if you are an Australian online store owner, you don't need to look beyond Australia Post for all your domestic and international shipping requirements.

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