What is Australia Post eParcel Service and Why You Should Use It

What is Australia Post eParcel Service and Why You Should Use It

Maulik Shah

January 4th, 2017

For an ecommerce business, proper shipment of the order(s) happens to be one of the most important steps in the business process. It’s only after the shipping of the package that the customer gets to see the physical product they ordered. Therefore, it becomes crucial for online stores to choose their shipping partner carefully to ensure that the order reaches the customer in its best condition.

If you are an Australian e-tailer, then Australia Post is probably the best shipping partner you can have for your store, and the eParcel Service of Australia Post, the most important service, provided your order volume is good.

Today we will explain more about Australia Post’s eParcel Service and explain why it can be the right option for you. And if you are already convinced about the usefulness of Australia Post eParcel Service, then you can skip reading this post and check out our Australia Post eParcel Magento Extension that makes it super easy to integrate Australia Post eParcel Service with your store.

What is Australia Post eParcel Service?

Australia post eParcel service is an online shipping service by Australian Postal Services for businesses that require to ship bulk consignments repeatedly. It assists your business by managing one of the most important aspects of your business efficiently. It significantly helps your business by reducing the time for the administration of the business. Further in this blog, we will discuss why you should use Australia Post eParcel Service for your ecommerce business.

Why You Should Use It?

For its ease of management

Consignment management gets simplified for you as the whole aspect of shipping the order shifts to eParcel. You just need to keep your order ready. eParcel manages everything else from shipping the parcel in its best condition to regular updates to you and your customers.

For its ease of usage

There is no need to go through a complicated process to send your parcels through eParcel service. You just need to establish your eParcel agreement and choose how you want to integrate it with your store. Then you can prepare your consignment and dispatch it. The shipment is then facilitated and the receiver gets the order within the estimated time of delivery.

Due to its flexibility

The service is extremely flexible. You can use eParcel online, use your own warehousing management, or go for third party integration which makes your task of managing your stores’ shipping much easier and organized.

For its affordable shipping services

Australia post eParcel service provides you affordable shipping services for your ecommerce business. By providing competitive and flexible pricing options it cuts downs your freight charges to a considerable level. The same services if rendered by other private shipping companies can come out to be very expensive.

For its efficiency

The efficiency of the service provided by the eParcel service is unmatched. The tracking tool helps you to keep a watch on your consignments and also offer different options for delivery speeds to your customers.

For its regular notifications

Apart from the self tracking of your packages, eParcel service sends out regular updates to you as well as the receiver of the parcel. This ensures that your customer is being informed of the whereabouts of their order and you don’t need to manage it separately.

For its transit insurance cover for loss and damage

Sending out expensive packages amounts to some risk on part of the sender but eParcel service gives you a sense of confidence by providing transit insurance cover for loss and damage of the packages. It’s ideal for you if your orders include electronics or other valuable goods. You can opt for the cover option for selected consignments or for everything you send by eParcel. (Up to a defined amount)

For its discounted deliveries

Apart from the affordable services it provides, eParcel offers you volume delivery discounts. There are various options under this as well. If you send more than 250 parcels in a year, you are eligible to a certain discount and as the number of parcels increase you are shifted to other memberships which offer more discounts.

For its returns solutions

There is no ecommerce business which can claim that their customers never return any of the received products. On the other hand, not offering a return policy can reduce your sales to a significant level. Australia post eParcel service provides you efficient return solutions for your business which makes it extremely easy for your customers to return the products. Moreover, you can choose whether the customer or your store pays for the return.

Australia post eParcel service is a one stop solution for the shipping needs of your business. From managing it efficiently to being accountable for each and every step, eParcel service excels in all. For all the reasons counted above and more, it makes an ideal eParcel service for your online business. And the best way to benefit from all these features is to install Australia Post eParcel Extension to your Magento store.

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