AppJetty Delivery Date Manager out Now

AppJetty Delivery Date Manager out Now

Sulabh Chauhan

July 17th, 2020

In our journey of enabling Shopify store owners to enhance their customers’ experience, we proudly announce the launch of AppJetty Delivery Date Manager – our latest Shopify extension. Yes, it is now available on Shopify app store!

If you are a Shopify store owner looking for a solution to let your customers pick a delivery date of their preference, AppJetty Delivery Date Manager is a perfect fit. But don’t take our word for it. Explore our delivery date manager features below to see if it’s the right fit for your store or not.

Features that Make AppJetty Delivery Date Manager Stand Out

There are a number of features that make AppJetty Delivery Date Manager an ideal solution for you.

Display Delivery Date Picker


image 1

Our AppJetty Delivery Manager allows you to show a delivery date picker on the checkout page to allow customers to select a suitable delivery date and time slot for their orders. Now ramp up their shopping experience with you.

Simplified Delivery Configurations

By managing and defining order processing time and minimum shipping days from the backend and displaying them on the store, you can offer enhanced transparency to customers.

Simplified Specification of Non-Working Days


image 2

By letting admin specify blackout dates and non-operative time-slots and displaying them, AppJetty Delivery Date Manger helps mitigate delivery issues and complaints.

Enabling/Disabling of Delivery Date Selection

By letting you enable or disable delivery date selection from the backend, this delivery app enables you to decide whether to allow customers to select a delivery date or not as the situation demands. 

Restriction of Delivery Period

By enabling you to specify a date range available for customers to select the delivery date from, our order delivery date app helps you put a cap on the farthest delivery date that customers can choose. It also allows you to keep it zero in case you offer the option of same day delivery. 

Minimum Shipping Days

Now you can add minimum order processing time or number of delivery days easily from the store backend in case same-day deliveries are not available.

Preset Delivery Date

Our delivery date app allows you to display and select the next available delivery date if a customer chooses a delivery date for which the order limit is already reached.

Cut-Off Time 

image 3

To help stay on top of delivery management, you can specify a cut-off time to limit the orders placed on the same day and automatically shift the others to the next.

Customization of Delivery Date Picker

image 4

To engage customers better, this delivery app also offers the freedom to customize the color and font of the delivery date picker shown on the storefront. This helps make the look and feel more appealing and interactive. 

Enhanced Personalization 

With the feature of delivery comments, AppJetty Delivery Date Manager lets you enable customers to add delivery comments or notes prior to checkout. This way, delivery comments not only help personalize the overall shopping experience better but also drive better sales. 

Compatibility with Shopify Point of Sale

Being compatible with the POS app by Shopify, our delivery app lets you assign delivery dates of your preference to orders from within even if you don’t have a storefront.

Easy Update of Delivery Dates

You can update any delivery date customers select easily from the store backend through Delivery Date Manager and streamline the entire order management process. 

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Customers’ Delivery Experience?

AppJetty Delivery Date Manager is a next-gen delivery date app that is sure to engage your customers better with its customer-oriented features.

If you also want to integrate it with your Shopify store, you are just a click away.

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