Top 10 Advantages of Using POS for Your Magento Website

Maulik Shah
May 22,2018

    Every aspect of human life is engineered with cybermartrics. Whether it is as complex as sending astronauts to space or as simple as purchasing grocery on an online store. If we talk about just online shopping and picking one of the major market niches - Magento, there are a lot of extensions that offer technical support. One of them is - POS (Point of Sale) technology.

    POS is changing the way businesses sell. Magento based websites optimize the capacity of POS and drive its features to expedite the sale process. Advantages of Magento POS are serving businesses with quick and error free checkout process. It also assists customer with the convenience of doing the business with minimal resources.

    POS is good for retails stores but it is exceptionally well for Magento store. In this blog, we will give you some glimpses of it. Let’s check top 10 Magneto POS Advantages, that are boosting your work efficiency while saving your time.

    1. Seamless Inventory Management

    A POS system for Magento comes integrated with your Magento inventory management. This synchronization builds a seamless stock management for your business. It would be rare for you to fall short of stock. Another Magento POS benefit is the analytics driven with POS. Some POS systems generate analytics to help you get better insight of your store sales.

    2. Reduces the Manual Work

    POS replaces your manpower and runs everything fast, securely and efficiently. It brings an automation to your process and needs very less human work. Such automation can be considered the best Magneto POS Advantage as it lessens the manual efforts and allows your workforce to focus on other productive things. It also prevents you from overspending on resources.

    3. Error Free Process

    It is still a very common instance. Staff sometimes packs some different product, forgets to process the payment, assigns delivery to a wrong address or simply forgets to ship the order. Well, machines do not do this. Especially when they come with technology which is nicely maintained and working well. Technology is all about perfection and zero errors, so does the POS for you.

    4. Increasingly Improved Productivity

    POS helps you with better insights of your business operations. The Advantage of Magento POS is the support it renders in boosting the business productivity. A POS system generates analytics about your hot selling products and low selling one too. It helps businesses to offer discounts and coupons on their product range. With POS, you can manage the price balance in multiple products of same range.

    5. Single Streamlined Process

    If you have multiple warehouses for your online store, synchronization matters a lot. A POS syncs all your selling points and operates it centrally. It helps you to maintain the stock, regional sales-based product listing and pricing consistency. A centralized selling point is the best Advantages of Magento POS.

    6. Analytics and Reports

    If knowledge is the power, POS offers reports and analytics to make you powerful. It generates critical information that is immensely useful of for businesses. Analytics can give you a deep insight of your business performance. Analytics brief you with sales reports, order history, seasonal sales, most selling products, peak selling time and other useful data. These reports help you to strategize your sales and plan the future.

    7. Saves Resources

    Another Magento POS Benefits feature is, you save a lot of your resources. A POS extension eliminates the need of extra sections to process the orders and payments. By creating less human interference it also prevents you from using big hardware. A sales manager can monitor operations even on their mobile.

    8. Track Staff Productivity

    A POS system records and keep a track of your every action of your staff. It links specific individual staff to a specific transaction. This Magneto POS Advantage empowers managers to identify individuals with weak sales scores and good sales scores. It brings a competitive environment in your organization and excel the productivity.

    9. Optimized Checkout

    Barcodes revolutionized the way of product processing. Whether it is to enter a new batch into your system or to sell a single product, barcodes help all the time. Processing barcodes through a POS system helps you to use this feature with complete optimization. It collects all the data about the product in a blink and process it in the quickest time for check out. Parallel to this, POS system also gathers all the information about the customers and process the payment.

    POS system keeps the record of these checkouts and enlist the customer in their system. This help your business to run loyalty programs and promotional sale invitations.

    10. Understanding the Sales

    The basic Advantages of Magento POS is that it comprehends the return on investment of your business. It gives you a deep insight to understand your business performance and see through its minor details.

    POS can help you to figure out which product is selling most, which one least? Which products are making highest margins? Which you should replace? From where you get the highest orders? In which campaign you sell most and which is the most sluggish time for your sales? You get answer of all these questions when you use POS.

    These were a few Magento POS Benefits that can help you best for your Business. If you are not using any, you must begin up as soon as you can. AppJetty also offers a POS extension for you Magento store. Visit our store to get an insight of this product.

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