7 Reasons to buy Magento 2 Admin Mobile App

Hiral Thaker
Nov 25,2020

    Being a store manager and managing your inventory can be one of the most difficult tasks. To know details about which product is where, what is in the stock and what needs restocking, at the month end to sit and do all calculations, etc. are some of the most challenging questions to answer.

    For over a decade now, this problem exists, and to solve it today, we have more than thousands of third party solutions. But things don’t stop here. All these tools gave rise to one more problem, i.e., continuous confusion about which third party tool is better than the other and why.

    But, we bet you to grab your hands on our Magento 2 Admin Mobile App to help your store managers work effectively and efficiently. Let’s see the top seven benefits of using the Magento 2 admin app:

    1. Manage Store:

    Managing a store can often become a difficult task and requires a lot of manual labor, which in turn increases investment. But, with the admin app, you can know at your fingertips the latest orders placed, restocking of any particular items, products which are selling more, track the sales of your products, etc.

    All these things happening with just a few clicks will help you get the best out of your employees and give more room to expand your business.

    2. Personalized Dashboard:

    Your manager gets the personalized dashboard where they can quickly check average products sold, number of orders placed, total sales of your products, recent orders placed, list of previous orders, etc. If you have more than one store, you can configure it in the dashboard and select which store’s data you want to check. Lastly, you can even dig down the reports of the last seven days, months, or even years.

    3. Sales Activities:

    The sales activity feature provides a sales order listing in which you can check orders using customers’ names, order status, item count, etc. Going one step further, you can filter the order depending on time and the current status. One can also search them based on the keywords you use. Not only this, but your admin can even generate invoices from the app, see billing addresses, check sales orders, print them, etc. everything from the Magento 2 admin mobile app.

    4. Customer Relationship Management:

    Integrate the mobile admin app with your CRM. It provides you with customer listing options so your users can search for customers with their respective names. This makes it easy to search them and send emails for communication if needed. They can even manage and edit their customers’ details or even remove their data.

    5. Manage Product(s):

    Product listing management is one of the many routine operations for the store admins. Magento 2 store manager enables the store admins to add, edit, and delete products using their tablets or smartphones. The feature brings convenience and on-the-go access to manage Products more efficiently.

    You can also edit the product descriptions, assign categories, sub-categories, and more. Additionally, you can also manage or view different product functionalities or even enable or disable them.

    6. Barcode Scanner:

    With the help of a barcode scanner, you can easily search through the products quickly and easily. This will help your team run through all the racks in the store to find that one item while your customers are waiting. It leaves a good impression of your company and saves time for your customers as well as yours.

    7. Access Anytime Anywhere:

    You can have access to your Magento store anytime, anywhere with AppJetty's Magento 2 admin mobile app. On-the-go access gives you a wide range of options that were not available to you using the desktop Magento backend. Especially with lock-down and related challenges, this allows you to manage your store 24x7, from anywhere you are.


    Let us help you serve your customers better. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Apart from customer service, provide this tool to your employees and help them increase their efficiency.

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