3 Best Australia Post Shipping Magento 2 Extensions | 2020

Kanchi Vasavada
Nov 10,2019

If you think that having an ecommerce store is just about putting up a website and selling, you may want to think again. It is a little more complicated than that, and the challenges don’t even appear in the beginning. But it is your duty to think about those challenges beforehand so your customers are not at the short end of the stick when shopping from your store.

One of the aspects that can make or break your business is shipping. Thanks to technology, the shipping experience is something you can have a significant control over. There are plenty of solutions that can take care of this part of the experience. AppJetty offers about three Magento 2 extensions that can take the hassle off your hands and make it simple for your customers. These are in connection with Australia Post, a premier shipping company in Australia. Let’s take a look:

Magento 2 Australia Post Shipping Extension

AppJetty’s Australia Post Shipping is one of the most popular ecommerce shipping solutions for Australian e-store owners. This is because we are official partners of Australia Post and are committed towards offering superior quality services to Australian e-store owners. We provide this tool for Magento 2 store owners. It is an all-inclusive shipping solution that takes care of all requirements of Australia Post domestic as well as international shipping. Here is a sneak peek into some of its most useful features:

  • Display Live Shipping Rates:

You can display live shipping rates from the official Australia Post website right on your e-store. This means your customers don’t have to visit the official website every time they place an order. Also, admin is free to keep official Australia Post rates or change it according to their preference.

  • Add Multiple Shipping Services:

This feature enables you to add domestic and international services for parcels/letters to their stores. Depending on the size and type, you can choose international services for the letters and parcels.

  •  Australia Post Configurations:

Using this feature, you can set up handling fees and warehouse postcode on your e-stores. If you want Satchel services and want to set COD as a payment method, you can easily do so with Australia Post Configurations from the Magento backend.

  • Shipping Configurations:

You can select attributes pertaining to the product dimensions while generating shipping rates. With shipping configurations, you can set fixed values for dimensions including height, width, and length. In case the customers didn’t add dimensions of the product, then the extension considers default values.

  • Other services:

The extension also comes with other extra services that help you as an e-store owner to enhance your shipping process. Some of them are as below:

  • Label Printing:

When there is a need to create shipment labels in a specific size and format using Australia Post Logo, the label printing service comes of help. It is also possible to create a label layout for express post as well as parcel. Admin can also choose the total number of labels per A4 size paper.

  • Shipment Tracking:

As the name suggests, Shipment Tracking enables your customers to know the whereabouts of their shipment/parcels along with their details from their accounts. You can also send shipment tracking emails to their customers. All you need to do is set email configurations from the backend.

  • Satchel Service:

Using Satchel Rates Display, you can show or hide the satchel service rate on your e-store.

  • Address Validation:

This feature keeps all the address related discrepancies at bay. So, if your customer feeds in the wrong address, it prompts them with the right pin code.

Magento 2 Australia Post eParcel

It is one of the best ecommerce shipping solutions of Australia that helps you manage Australia Post eParcel shipping from within your Magento store. Using it, you can manage consignments, fetch live rates, print consignment labels, and track all your shipments without visiting the official Australia Post eParcel Portal. This saves your extra expenses spent on label printing. Here are some of its noteworthy features:

  • Label Automation:

Admin just needs to make certain settings in the backend and they will be able to automate the shipping and label printing process.

  • Label Printing:

Admin can get labels from the eParcel for printing and can stick them on the shipment according to the consignment details.

  • Shipment Tracking:

Admin can track the status of shipments with Australia Post eParcel shipment tracking API.

Magento 2 Australia MyPost Extension

Magento 2 MyPost extension is excellent for store owners who are not technically proficient. It is easy to manage and gets all the necessary work done. A perfect Magento 2 shipping extensions for small and mid-sized businesses. Let us walk through some of the features of this extension:

  • Shipment CSV:

Admin can generate CSV files for shipping management. This way they don’t have to manually handle each shipment’s details. With just a single file, they can manage orders in bulk.

  • Custom rates:

Admin can add custom shipping dates directly via a CSV file instead of having to manually make changes to each item.

Winding up…

This was a small tour of AppJetty’s shipping extensions. Some of our extensions have been the best-selling products on the Magento marketplace.

Remember, if you want to be in good books of prospects and customers, you must offer them a rounded customer experience from shopping on your estore to receiving their orders. You have to cover all your touchpoints. And the above given extensions will perk up your shipping management experiences.

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