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Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal

Salesforce is amongst the top Customer Relationship Management platforms. It works more than a tool and as a process that helps manage your work in most systematic way. Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal makes your customer support interaction a self-sufficient practice. It enables users to have fast, efficient and seamlessly convenient communication with you through a single screen.

  • WordPress Salesforce Integration
  • Personalize Your Portal
  • Manage Mass Credentials
  • Group Defined User Access
  • Modify Module Layouts
  • Email Notifications
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Manage Records through Portal
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How Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal is The Right Choice?

  • Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal manages your customer interaction in the easiest way. A single login can simplify all your customer relationship practices.
  • Handle your customer engagement the way you want. Customize the portal and its operability to empower your customers to manage their workflow.
  • Get rid of emails and calls with self-assistive portal supported by Salesforce.
  • Better your data management exercise with a portal that stores and shares your data centrally.
  • WordPress is an online, open source and features rich CMS which allows you to customize your portal page layouts, translate your portal into multiple languages and give a unique look/feel to your portal.

How AppJetty Portals are the Best Option for You?

  • AppJetty developed Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress takes the functionality of your product to the next level. We outmatch basic Salesforce features and turn it into a better solution for you.
  • Our Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal reduces your operational costs by expediting the process and eliminating manual tasks with automation.
  • Data security is extremely critical to any business. Especially, when it comes to CRM data, we are talking about critical information pertaining to your business. Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal is not like other plugins. It does not store or fetch any data to our DB. It simply enables Salesforce WordPress Integration. The data is secure on your servers and WordPress provides the interface to the end users with secure access. And, everything is hosted on your servers. The role of Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress plugin does not add any vulnerabilities whatsoever on your CRM data.

Key Product Features

Salesforce Backend Feature(s)

Group Defined User Access

Group Defined User Access

  • Assign diverse roles to different users in separate groups. Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal allows admin to create user groups and grant access to selected users. These permitted group users can view, edit, create and delete that specific module in the portal.

Manage Mass Credentials

  • Convert all your CRM contacts to your Salesforce portal users with a single click. Select contacts from your CRM and generate their portal credentials, which will be sent to them via email. Users can use these credentials to sign into the portal.
Manage Mass Credentials
Change Layout Setting

Change Layout Setting

  • Add, remove, or change the arrangement of your portal layouts, from Layout Setting in the Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal. Admin can select modules and make changes separately in List View, Edit View and Detail View. Selection of module can also be made using filters.

WordPress Backend Feature(s)

Personalize Your Portal

  • Customize your portal and the way your users want to have it. Admin can change name of the portal, set logo, change theme, arrange the page components and set different colors.
  • Choose standalone page template with its custom design. User can also use full width page template to use the theme header and footer.
Personalize Your Portal

Customer Frontend Features

Safe Sign-in

Safe Sign-in

  • Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal is a safe and secure portal that proceeds your customers with a well-protected sign in.
  • For new users, portal allows direct sign-up feature, where new users can provide inputs and start accessing portal. It verifies credential provided by the new users if it already exists in the system.

Personalize Dashboard

  • Customers will get an attractive dashboard with all enabled modules for quick accessibility.
  • WordPress admin can set modules displaying recently added records and allow Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal portal users to view them in their dashboard.
  • Customers can view charts for cases and orders module to know their status.
  • Customers can also search globally from the portal or can select module from drop down to search from any specific module.
Personalize Dashboard
Manage Your Records

Manage Your Records

  • Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal maintains records of activities of users. It tracks the actions taken by them for adding, removing, editing or commenting on any case.
  • Salesforce WordPress Integration give users functionality to upload additional documents relating to specific cases. This feature helps admin and user to refer these case documents in future.
  • It also allow users to view records for orders and contracts.

Points to Note

  • You should be able to login as an Administrator in CRM/CMS (WordPress) for installation.
  • Check that your CRM Instance is compatible for Portal.
  • You must have a valid License Key Provided by AppJetty.
  • Your WordPress portal site must have a SSL Certificate.
  • If you are installing Portal then make sure that no older version of the Plug-in is already installed on CRM. If there is any then you should uninstall that plug-in first.
  • Supported Editions

    Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance, Professional (Note: If API is enabled).

  • Wordpress :

    v4.0 to v5.0

Secure & Stable



Lifetime Updates


Lifetime Support

Only at $1299/ Year

Knowledge Base Add-ons

  • Publishing Knowledge Base

    SalesPort Knowledge Base Add-on provides you the list of knowledge base articles. Select the article which you want to publish and click on “Publish Article” option.

  • Accessing Knowledge Base

    SalesPort provides you functionality to access knowledge base articles from portal. You just need to publish those articles from salesforce and it will be visible in portal.


Change Log

Version 3.1.0 : December 10, 2018
  • API Calls optimizations
  • Dynamic Layout Setting for Registration
  • Bug Fixing
Version 3.0.0 : October 11, 2018
  • Dashboard support in portal with recent activities and charts
  • Addon Support for Knowledgebase articles
  • Calls module Support
  • Attachments Support
  • Email notification to customers and CRM users for activities
  • Customizable Profile layout in CRM
  • Case Solutions Integration
Version 2.1.0 : June 22, 2018
  • Ability to connect live and Sandbox Account in Wordpress admin
  • Ability to disable/enable Portal registration to Wordpress admin
  • PHP-7 Support
  • Security Bug Fixing
Version 2.0.0 : December 26, 2017
  • Dynamic access rights for portal user for each module (view/add/update/delete)
  • Ability to provide portal access to already created CRM contacts from CRM
  • Contract and Order module support to portal users
  • Ability to search globally from all modules in portal
Version 1.0.0 : June 17, 2017
  • SalesforcePort – Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress is Released.
Customer Reviews
  • My Data Manager

    SalesforcePort manages my data seamlessly. I can offer enhanced experience to my customers with reduced operational costs. Like this portal, it keeps me ahead!

    Celine Vaggers (Posted on February 9, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • No Worries’ Portal

    SalesforcePort is an amazing portal for my business and customers. It enables me to customize the portal for faster resolution of queries.

    Louie Lefebvre (Posted on December 6, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Enhanced Customer Support

    My customers can easily update or delete records from a SalesforcePort module. Before having this portal, I could not get regular updates on CRM. Thanks, AppJetty for resolving problems smoothly.

    Rachel Jackson (Posted on October 3, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Better Management

    I can manage the customer data seamlessly with SalesforcePort. It’s an amazing support portal for my customers.

    Laine Lehkyi (Posted on August 1, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This

General FAQs

  • What is customer portal and how it is useful?

    Customer Portal is similar to a Self-Service portal in which they provide an online support channel for customers by allowing them to resolve their queries without contacting a customer service representative.

  • Does it fit any industry?

    Our “Customer Portal” extension is developed for various industries like Retail, Education, BFSI, Real Estate,Travel

  • Does it require any customization to be used for my industry?

    No, Our portal will fulfill all your basic requirements for any industry.

  • What if I want to install on more than one domain or development server?

    On single domain purchase, we allow one live and one development domain. If you would like to use the portal on more than two domains with single installation, then you need to purchase it for additional domains.

  • What should I do, if I have different CRM installations?

    If you are likely to use the extension on domains with separate installation, then you need to purchase another copy of the portal.

  • Do you provide live demo (on Skype)?

    Yes, you can get a personal live demo in your time zone by our expert. Our skpye_id is : support.biztech

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, you can refer our refund policy @ We stand behind the quality of our extensions with a 15 day money back guarantee.

  • May I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it?

    Yes. We charge a nominal transfer fee.

  • May I have a free trial of your product?

    As per our company policy we are not providing any product on trial basis. Customer will have to check out the product with full payment. As we offer 15-day money back guarantee on all our products. Just in case, you are dissatisfied with your product during the 15 days of the purchase, you can receive a full refund.

  • Can Appjetty customize the portal to suit my needs?

    Of course! This is what we’re good at! Please get in touch with us at to discuss your specific needs. We would be delighted to hear you.

  • Do you provide installation for the plugin?

    Yes, we do provide paid installation service. For this you simply need to check in the box of “Installation” that is there beneath “Your Domain” section.

  • How many domains can I use with single licence purchase?

    AppJetty provides 1 primary domain and 1 sandbox domain with a single licence. The sandbox domain will be deactivated at the end of the 30 days trial. In order to get this validity extended, kindly contact AppJetty support.

  • Do your portal store any data on CMS server?

    No. Our product do not store or fetch any kind of data on CMS server. It is secure on your CRM server and our solution just provides interface to the end users with secure access.

Technical FAQs

  • Does it support custom modules of CRM?

    Yes,it is providing custom modules support with extra efforts. You can contact us for more details.

  • For adding custom module does the customer need to provide any details?

    Yes, customer need to provide their FTP and site admin details for both the frameworks(CRM and CMS)along with the list of modules which they want to enable for the portal.

  • What data is required to make connection with CRM?

    You just need your CRM instance URL, CRM admin username, CRM admin password and your security token to make connection. For further details you can review our user manual guide.

  • Does it only support HTTPS?

    Yes. As per Salesforce Standards your Portal must have valid SSL.