Advance Product Designer For Magento 1


We have three different pricing packages depending on your requirement.

  • Features

  • Disk Space
  • Space
  • Disk Space
  • Space
  • Responsive Product Designer
  • Personalized Clipart/Text
  • Multiple Image Sides Configurations
  • Live Price Generation
  • User Proof Download
  • Object Alignment Support
  • Save Designs
  • Personalized Image Upload
  • Preloaded Fonts Gallery
  • Print Color Management
  • Canvas Zoom-in / Zoom-out
  • Select All and Clear All Elements from the Canvas
  • Layout Flexibility
  • Autoload Masking on Products
  • Canvas to SVG Support
  • Name and Numbers
  • SVG Support
  • 10000+ Cliparts
  • Multiple Design Areas
  • Custom Design Templates
  • Object Layer Management
  • Design Tool Theme Management
  • Quote Management
  • Design Background Management
  • Crop Objects
  • Customizable Clipart (Image Editing)
  • Brush Tool
  • Manage Printing Methods
  • px to cm Converter
  • Object Grouping
  • Import / Export Templates
  • Mobile App Support
  • Quotation Manager

Tool Brush your ideas is made to work in every resolution so that you can reach larger scale of audience.

Allow your customers to add numerous clip arts & text to personalize the product according to their choice.

Get more exposure by sharing your product designs on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Many More.

Let your customers design numerous sides of the product (e.g. For T-shirt - Front, Back, Left & Right)

Instant price updating based on selected product/color, used design size/color and more options based on admin settings on Printing type. All pricing option can be customized by admin.

Let your customers download the customized image for their own reference.

Let your customers align the added objects on the canvas with advanced alignment options.

Customers will be able to save the designs in their own account and use them in future.

Customers can unleash their creativity by using a custom images from their devices.

Zoom in and out of the product customization canvas for in-depth view of the customized product.

Select all the elements of the canvas and arrange them for your creative designs along with the option of clearing all the elements of the canvas at once.

For desktop version of the product designer, set tabs for the product designer in various different locations of the screen. Also get the option to choose tabs which will be available to customers for product designing.

Admin will be able to add masking images on products while creating templates to let users design specific product areas.

Get high resolution prints of customer designs using canvas to SVG feature. These outputs will be in High Resolution Vector files.

Allow your customers to add name & number to the desired products.

With .SVG image file support, get neat & clean printing of customized products.

With Brush Your Ideas tool get pre-loaded sample data of cliparts will be provided with 10000 + options for creative cliparts.

Provide Multiple design areas on the products for your customers to pour their creativity.

Admin can add categorized templates to lend a hand to their customers in designing the products.

Let your customers manage layers of the canvas elements and design attractive products.

For attractive look & feel, configure your design tool with various primary and secondary color options.

Add Quotes under different categories from which the customers can use them design their products.

Let your customers add colourful background to the product designer canvas and pour their creativity.

Crop any uploaded image / clipart and add that specific portion of the image to your design.

Customers will be able to import their social media images to the products with the help of Custom Images Upload support.

Let your customers design cliparts in their own style using customizable cliparts.

The unique brush tool provides many drawing tools and effects to make the designing fun to work with.

Provide options to your customers to choose from various printing methods that you provide.

Convert printing area from pixels to centimeters for better printing management.

Group all the objects of your designer canvas and manage them with single click.

Import all your designed templates from one category to another one in bulk via the tool. You just need to import template design objects and product details in a CSV file separately and importing will be done.

  • Standard

  • Print Ready Vector Output
  • Vector Output
  • Print Ready
  • Print Ready Vector Output
  • Pro

  • Print Ready Vector Output
  • Vector Output
  • Print Ready
  • Print Ready Vector Output
  • Ultimate

  • Print Ready Vector Output
  • Vector Output
  • Print Ready
  • Print Ready Vector Output